Tuesday, October 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

To Mom: Today we went to a crocodile farm and watched crocodile pinata.  This last week we had a baptism and it has been a long time in the works (5 months) but we think she is pretty solid (gospel speaking).  Sister Simon was wondering if you could send her a recipe for pumpkin or cherry pie or both.  Things here have been for the most part the same a usual.  We've also been showing the elders that are now in our branch around the area.

To Dad: We had a baptism last week and today we went to see the crocodiles.  Oh ya, last friday we had a closing Gawai party in the branch.  This week we will be having a ferwell pot luck for Goria, a member of our branch who will be going to be starting his mission next week.  He will be serving in the Singapore mission.

To Michael: Sounds like it was a lot of fun.  A missionary who served in Singapore said that on p-day in your mission you need to go crabbing.  Here are some pictures of crocodile pinata, that is what we call it.  All it is is crocodiles getting fed.  I'll show you more when you get home.  We had a baptism this past week and it was awesome.

To Karlene: It seems like I'm in the rain every time it rains and the drops hers are the size of marbles and hit hard.  I haven't gotten the chance to take any video or pictures of it yet because I'm always on my bike when it happens.  Sounds like you guys had lots of fun at the reunion.

To Faline: Eventually the pond will be smaller because you are bigger so do worry about it.  I bet you really liked the reunion.  You don't seem to be getting any bigger than I left you, maybe dad put a brick on your head and you stopped growing.

 Sisters Ballantyne and Black with their investigator and priesthood holder 

Sisters Ballantyne and Black with investigator

Crocodile feeding time

Big croc!

They jump pretty high, too!

Anything for a tasty meal...

Monday, October 7, 2013

July 7, 2013

From Mom: The reunion was fun! I kinda like it not so organized so that most of the time is spent visiting and getting to know each other, although I'm one of the few who circulates among all the siblings and families. Brian, Al's grandson, came with his family bearing gifts. He had just killed a rattlesnake on one of their properties and let us have it. Matt, Lori's husband, butchered the snake and put it in the fridge for us to cook after almost everyone else was gone. I cooked it and some of us ate it. It kinda tastes like mild chicken and has bones like a fish, lots of spines/ribs along the back. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to eat it again but it wasn't too bad. Heather & Tracy's family and our family were the only ones left Saturday night up at the ranch. Sunday morning we took showers and got ready for church then went down to Grandma's and had breakfast. After we went to Sacrament we changed and went to Dee Dee's for lunch. She had turkey, potatoes, carrots, jello, apple crisp and brownies. We were stuffed! It was nice to see Dee Dee and Resa. Resa looked and talked a lot better than last time I saw them. We had to drop in at U-Haul to see Cumorah, then we headed home. We got home around 8 pm so we made good time. Michael stayed in Idaho with Steven and Logan and came home with a cold or some kinda virus. He slept most of the evening last night and the day today. He woke up just before we left for church.

I'm not the stellar one at work anymore but we're all doing well from my training class. The calls are getting more comfortable so my sales should improve soon. My Sales Coach (like a team leader) has been out most of the time because she fell and dislocated her shoulder and cracked the bone in her upper arm the long way. Last week she had surgery on it. It's still pretty fun and satisfying to talk to people I can help get out of their financial situation.

I finally got a visiting teaching route so I'll have to call my partner and arrange a time to go. I have Thursdays off from work so I'll be able to go to the get-togethers the Relief Society sisters have at a different park each week. The new presidency arranged it so we can get to know one another and give us a chance to get out of the house and to let the children play and visit, too. Karlene & I are going to sing "Fill the Well Within" by Sallie Deford next week. It's the same song I did as a solo the last Sunday we were in the Marsing 2nd Ward. I started my application for the Tabernacle Choir. Wednesday Dad & I go see the bishop so he can interview us and write his recommendation, just like any mission papers. I'll have to ask Nathan or Brian Walker if they can help me out with my recording I need to send in with my application.

That's all I can think of for now.

From Dad: We're back to our regular routine. Steven & Logan came and visited us on the 6th. We have new plates for the pickup and will get new plates for the van Monday. Not much new other than that.

From Michael: the reunion was really muddy. I had to change my clothes because I was covered from head to toe almost. After the reunion I stayed up with Logan and Steven in Sweet. While in Sweet Logan and myself befriended some of youth in the ward there and they invited us to activities. In all I had a lot of fun over the last few weeks. And now some pictures from mom.

From Karlene: the reunion was fun and I got a sling shot from the auction. When we got to the reunion everyone was asleep. We went to grandma's house for church and went home. There is going to be a baptism on Saturday where we are too. Logan and Steven came over yesterday to drop Michael off,have dinner, and watch the lightning storm. Unfortunately I was in the one on Friday and that one lasted longer. The rain tickled me as it hit, but I like a good rain. I was almost the only one outside in the rain. I forgot to tell you that I'm going to sing with Mom next Sunday. She wanted to send maximum pictures so here are some more!

From Faline: I liked the pond when it wasn't so deep (at Dry Buck). Then I could actually go swimming in there. Steven and Logan came by yesterday to bring Michael back home. I got to see Whitney again, although I really wish that pond was smaller so I could enjoy it. I really hope that we can go back to Idaho again. I got to play in the creek and be on some tires, too.

Brett & Karen up at Eagle's Nest

View from top of Eagle's Nest

Packing up chairs to go back to the church

Jeremy Clark with Al Moses (grandpa)

Brett holding up the rattlesnake before preparing for cooking

Cooked rattlesnake, yum!

Steven Ballantyne trying the rattlesnake

Michael and Logan Ballantyne trying the rattlesnake

Al and Doris Moses on the way up to Eagle's Nest

Sharon Grover, Kristianna Clark, Clea Simpson and Swanny Simpson

Doris & Karen at Eagle's Nest

Michael with Paul and Tanner Montague

Carrie Peters, her parents Ed & Clea Simpson, Lori Soren, Leland Simpson, Bill Ballantyne, Steven Ballantyne, Doris Moses

Auction stuff - Clea's yummy fudge!

Leland's carvings for auction

New barn

Faline is ready to go swimming

Karlene with Joshua Armour

We won the fox face!