Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Wow so much.  Lots have happened here too.  I've been with Sister Gopinath for the past week due to Sister Noorda needing to be off her foot because she tripped hard.  I hope dad does well while training, I'm sure he will.  It hasn't been that long since he last drove truck.  Enjoy the pictures.  Sister Gopinath goes home soon so there is a chance that I might be going to KL (Kuala Lampor)(no I can't spell).  My exersize ball can be deflated if you come across the little pipe.  There are a few clothes in my closet and cestor drours that have haven't warn in a while that you can give a way just to give away too many of the pants because they are hard to come by in the right size and I'll need the dresses when I get home because I will probably wear my clothes to death here.  Alex is huge. Dad, You better watch out for those storms they just seem to get in the way of everything.  Be safe.  You'll have fun with that trager in your truck and maybe you don't need to eat out of a can so much.

Mom: Kuala Lumpur would be really cool! Dad hasn't driven that kind of truck in 17 yrs, so kinda long ago. 

Dad may need to get a bit of a reminder on the truck but I think he'll do good. Michael, What do you think of what is happening around there?  I can't wait to be a billionaire.  I can't wait to see more of Malaysia.  I think I'll still send you pictures a year from now. Karlene, What do you think about what mom is doing with getting everything all packed up?  Your cat is big.  Like the flower? Faline, You moved once but you were very small when we did it.  You don't need to be nervice because it will be a great adventure and you'll like the new place just as much as you like the old place.  I miss pizza and mac and cheese.  I tryed to make mac and cheese but I used mozorella and it is very bland.  

Jelly fish

Watch out for pirates!

Looking down from back of ship

Looks like fishermen. How would you like to sit perched like that for any length of time?

Missionaries watching the fish at the aquarium

Night time sidewalk

Cranes at the port

More good fortune?

Daytime of orange design

My, what a fuzzy tree!

Interesting flower

Summer spotted her shadow!

More of the coral reef at the aquarium

One more Christmas tree

January 27, 2013

Mom: Wow! We have been soooo blessed this last week! Dad had been talking to a couple of trucking companies but hadn't had anyone say they'd take him. We put in an application to CR England really late Tuesday night, after we got back from choir. By 7:45am Wednesday morning he got a call from the recruiter and, after sending her a copy of the police report we got from Nampa for $1 she called around 3:30pm to tell him they were arranging a bus ticket for him to start training Monday morning. This morning I said goodbye to Dad for probably 7-8 weeks. On Friday, I reposted the ad on Craigslist for the rest of the goats and the van. Within an hour I got a call from someone wanting the black goat. They came over and we negotiated all three goats for $225. So NO MORE LIVESTOCK!!  Also on Friday, Zach called us Thursday from Florentine Villas to let us know that the apt we wanted that comes open in April is probably the only one they will have so we need to get our application and fees in right away. I finished the app as much as I could and faxed it in Friday. I also needed to send DLs and SSN cards and, of course, pay the application fee and holding fee: $145. I was pleased to find out that they could do a debit card for that rather than having to send a money order or cashier's check. So now we have our apt reserved! Steve Hutchings called to set up a tax appt for his girlfriend and found out that we were going to move and asked about buying the house. Just after that I got a text from the people who bought the goats asking about the house, too. Sounds like, if I can swing it, we could have a buyer for the house!! (Sweeet!) With Dad working again I may get to catch up on things I need to do, like my Book of Mormon reading and packing - especially your room. I won't get interrupted for school either so Faline can keep up. So much is falling into place! Tabernacle Choir applications start July 1st and I'm planning on moving June 1st, perfect timing. When we do what's right we are blessed. Last night we got a call telling us that a water main had broken so there wouldn't be any services in Marsing on Sunday. That worked very well since there wasn't a place at the bus stop to get out of the weather/cold and since Dee Dee's new ward doesn't start until 11am. The fog delayed the bus so it was 15 mins late. The bus driver was in a hurry to get going so I only had time to give Dad a quick hug and kiss and then he boarded the bus. He said that he would call me every day - probably in the evening. He should be just about to where he's going to stay in Salt Lake so I expect to hear from him soon. Dee Dee's ward is pretty nice. Marissa (used to be Collins from Marsing 2nd Ward) and her husband and little girl, as well as one on the way, are in her ward. Brother Higgins from Nampa 1st ward is their high councilman. Lisa, related to Walkers and in Una Voce, is also in her ward which is Nampa 3rd. They were very friendly and attentive to Dee Dee and us. Resa is coming Friday or Saturday by way of plane to stay with Dee Dee. We gave her our bed so Dee Dee got some leopard print sheets to go on it so that Resa won't miss her dogs too much.
DadWee, we sold the rest of the goats last night and moved Dee Dee out yesterday. Her new apartment is real nice. I guess Resa will be moving in with her. Tomorrow I'll be going to Salt Lake for a couple weeks. I'll be learning a bunch about England Transportation. Other than that not much has been happening here. When we moved Dee Dee to the new place we have her our bed so Resa would have a place to sleep so your mom and I slept on the floor on the two mattresses that were in your room. It was hard to get up in the morning. I mean it was a long way up! By the way, yesterday your mother put money down to secure our apt in Salt Lake. They say I can't take the Traeger there but Traeger has a new model that's portable. I might get that one to put on the truck with me. The other day we had pork ribs with a recipe of your great-grandmothers that your mother made of barbeque sauce. Faline didn't know what to do with them -- she didn't want to touch them. The sauce made it taste really good! I asked your mom to bottle it for me to take on my truck.
MichaelWe finally got DeeDee into a nice apartment with some sweet extras in that came with it. I truely have no clue when I might get my call, and I can't wieght to be a billionare. I also can't wieght to get my call. I'll tell you when and wear.
KarleneYep he is. Brother Mortinson is my seminary teacher. highschool is great. thank's for the pictures they are great.
FalineDee Dee moved into her new home. Dad just got his job. We got to eat pizza. I got back in choir and I'm doing 1/2 advanced and 1/2 apprentice. We're going to be moving out in June to Utah. I'm a little nervous because I've never moved before.
More from MomDad just called from Salt Lake and said that it's snowing pretty hard there. He was almost an hour late getting into town and said that there were about a dozen other guys going to England, too. Everything is running late because of the storm. He thinks he's going to England first and then they will be sent to where they will stay. Sounds like it will be a long night and I think the start time tomorrow was shown as 6am. Not much sleep time! Here are a couple of pictures. Karlene with the "kitten." He weighs about 10 lbs and is still growing at 7 mos. The other picture is a picture is a shot of Black Canyon Reservoir, on the way to Grandma's to get Dad a nice father's blessing from Al. It was really foggy! Dad got to his hotel ok and doesn't start until 7am.

A view of Black Canyon Reservoir covered with ice and snow in the fog

15-yr-old Karlene with 7-mo-old Alex

Lovely red sunrise out our back door

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 21, 2013

Sounds like you've been busy.  From what I see on the pictures it looks like a nice apartment.  I'm sure that a lot of the papers in my room need to be done away with.  The pictures I'm sending are from the aquarium, hope you like them. Dad, The main reason why the schools came up is because my companion is working on school stuff and I don't like not knowing what comes next.  The apartment looks good.  Here is that picture I promised you.  You do know that the moment you move I need to know that address to tell my mission president, right? Michael, The mum thing is because every time I try to type mom the computer doesn't like it.  Going to grandma's is awesome too.  Where do you think you'll get called to?  The more money you make the more you'll be ready for your mission. Karlene, Every day has its own ups and downs.  Did you have fun at grandma's?  I here you tried to go to crouch but couldn't make it.  So, what do you want to do after high school? Silly duck, are you playing your game too?  What subject do you like the most in school?  In that last picture it is me trying to get shipped to you.  The other day I saw a monkey down the street from the church. 

Not sure where this is

These are little messages hanging with mandarin oranges for good fortune

This is a really BIG fish!



King crab

King crab


More coral

And more sharks

End of a ship

Sting ray

Reflections at Southern Bay

Sky Park

January 20, 2013

Mom: A lot has happened this week. Dad didn't get the local job because their insurance would cost them too much so we're probably, most likely moving to Utah. Wednesday morning around 2:20am, we left for Salt Lake to go apt hunting. I had set up  appts based on 2 hrs between visits just in case it took that long over 2 days. We ended up seeing all 7 apts on the first day. There were 3 places we liked but one that Dad kept thinking of as his first choice. The only draw-backs are that we can't use the Traeger there (city fire code for rentals) and that there isn't a hot tub, only a pool and fitness room. The 3-br was really nice and bigger than all the rest we had see for similar price. The laundry room was the only one we saw that would fit Dee Dee's washer & dryer with room to spare! Also, it was the only one that fit our current dining room table. Once we take possession of the apt they will paint one wall an accent color. We may pay $60 extra to get one additional wall painted at the same time.  There is one coming open on April 3rd and I would have to take it by the 13th. It's right next to the TRAX station (public transportation train that now goes a lot of places more than the original) which is just at the bottom of some stairs just off that apt's stairwell and is on the 3rd floor so it has a great view of the valley. Winco is about 1/2 mi away and the Jordan River Temple is just 7 minutes away. We know, because we went and did an endowment session before we went to see the apt. I'm stoked! We wouldn't physically move in until June 1st but would have to go down to do the paperwork in April. I'll be packing and downsizing aggressively from now on. Karlene decided she doesn't want to go to Seattle with Walkers (the TVYA and Premier Singers tour this year) and doesn't want to be in The Music Man. She wants to just earn the money to pay for the pet deposit for Alex. Michael is now waiting on paperwork to get to the bishop for his dental checkup and a statement from the cardiologist so we're getting down the last loose ends. Faline is singing again. She sang in Apprentice then didn't sing in Advanced. After Advanced Linda came up and asked why Faline hadn't tried Advanced and I wasn't sure. She was more focused and paying attention. So I took the music for Advanced and will practice it with her so she can learn her songs. I'm singing in Una Voce again, too. Dad has been applying to several other companies, too. Pride said that they would let him know something this week. Swift seems interested, too. Here a a few pictures of the apt. By the way, if you don't get an email from Karlene, it's because she stayed up at Grandma's. They will be coming down in the valley tomorrow and Karlene didn't have school so we left her up there.
DadI guess Mom told you al the news that there is to tell. She told me that you were asking about schools. I would advise you to put those concerns on a shelf for now and throw yourself into the work you are doing now. That is the most important thing you can do for now. Love your companion and love the people with whom you serve. Everything else can wait. If you do this the Lord can bless you for it now and later in ways you haven't even considered yet. There is a good chance we will be in Utah when you get back from your mission. have fun and work hard.
MichaelSo how did you find out about this mum thing. It might be a while before I get my call so I'll still have to find out if there is a better job weighting for the grabbing. I am pleased to say I really can't weight to get my call. It's funny how twice as a family we tried going swimming up in Crouch and do to unfortinat sercomstanses we don't get there because the roads are icey or we left our key at home. however through this misforchin we find ourselfs at grandma's house.
Karlenei am writing a suspence romance story. i think that going to collage is a great idea. hope you get the transfer. i am doing well and i got to stay the night at gma's and got to to her ward. hope you are having fun.
FalineI wish you were here right now because I miss having you to help me on some of your games. Karlene's being a brat a lot so, you know, like the usual stuff. I get to sing in both Apprentice and Advanced, I think. School is okay.

From the entry, a good-sized kitchen and living room

More of the kitchen with pantry just to left of fridge

Laundry Room. Most units come with a washer and dryer but the one we want doesn't so they knock off $30 from the rent.

Linen closet on left, small bedroom then hall and bigger bedroom

Children's bathroom

Bigger bedroom, across from bathroom

Smaller bedroom. Both bedrooms have a pretty large closet and plenty of hanging space.

Master walk-in closet and bathroom

Master bedroom, linen closet then more walk-in closet view

Master bath

Master bedroom

Master Bedroom


January 14, 2013

 Some of the people I encounter are way out there, if you get my meaning. In the way of numbers I have had one baptism and currently have three on date. I'll probably be going to Bugis today, it is right next to Arab street. Give me a heads up on when you're moving and the address so I can send mail to you.  I should be getting one out with in the next week. I am enjoying Singapore and the wards I serve in.  I know eventually I'll be in Malaysia and it will be a blast. Dad, I hear you're just about hired at a new job, congrats are in order.  I don't think Karlene and Faline are in the mindset for farming, they are more city folk then county.  Oh, Sorry I forgot my cord again, I need to figure out some type of reminder. Michael, You send be photos and I send you photos just don't forget to send mom photos.  Oh, if you go somewhere where they use Brit english the computer won't like the word mom it will want mum.  But yah you're almost got your papers in.  Don't forget to let me know when you get your call but I probably won't see it till the following sunday. Karlene, Sounds like you're doing well.  I'm still in Singapore but next month there is a possibility of transfers and Singapore is most likely to be affected.  Glad I could help.  What are you writing?  Here on my mission I have gotten 3 story ideas that I'll work on when I get home. Your cat is quite the acrobate.  What's up with high school? Who is your seminary teacher? Faline, You like singing a lot don't you.  How are you doing in school?  I'm still looking for just the right thing for you so you can look forward to that.  Till next time.

Sis Summer Ballantyne