Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 18, 2013

The complex is in 3 wards?  Utah is going to be a lot to get used to.  Transfers are coming up soon so that will be interesting and it looks like there will be a lot of moving around and I might be going to a biking area.  The first picture is me and my 1st Durian, I'll let you look up on that one.  The 2nd is from Pulau Ubin and some of the sisters that went and the 3rd is the scene behind us.  This last week was a little rough but managable.  I'm learning lots from Sis Wilson.  I'm not sure what will be the same and what will be different when I go home but I know that there are changes that I can see now. 

Next time tell us about Pulau Ubin. What is it, just a nice spot or what? Love, Mom

To Dad: That truck stop is hudge and it sounds like it has everything a trucker needs.  Only a couple missionaries got there bikes for 800 ringit which comes to around 300 usd.  The 1st picture is an out house I sent a picture of a while back but this time at low tide.  2nd is me about to eat durian with some investigators.

To Michael: You sound busy.  Tell me about the apartment when you see it.  I'm still waiting for your call. P.S. Bring your own hard drive so you can empty your memory cards on it.

To Karlene: So they just don't work like planned.  Alex sound funny, silly cat.  The 1st 2 pictures are of pulau ubin and the 3rd is the menu for frog, uhm.  And I had durian last week too. 

How did you like the Durian? Good thing the skin wasn't on it. Mom

To Faline: Durian was different.   I haven't figured out if I like it or not but I'll bring you candy hehehehehe.  You guys need to make a list of all the movies you watch.

Summer's 1st durian enjoyed with some of her investigators

Some of the sisters enjoying Pulau Ubin

Same view without people

Durian, the stinky fruit. Supposed to smell disgusting but taste fabulous!

A dock on Pulau Ubin

Very tall tree on Pulau Ubin

Frog restaurant menu

Outhouse at low tide

March 17, 2013


We won't need to look for another apt, I rented this one in Draper. I'm taking the big stuff and as much as I can fit that I don't need down to Draper next weekend. Cumorah will drive the truck, I will drive the Focus and Dee Dee will drive her car so she can bring Cumorah back. The rest of us will be spending the week there, during Spring Break.

We found out we went to the wrong ward last week. The apartment complex is divided between 3 wards. Our new ward is River View 5th ward which meets at 1pm. Our temple district is Draper and we're in the Draper Utah River View Stake. I called and talked to the Elders' Quorum President and asked if he could get a crew ready to help us unload the truck next Saturday. Our elders quorum will help us load up. I sent some pictures of the apt. Also, the birthday party we had at Carrie's for Faline and a picture of Michael looking at some guns Matt's brother brought to show off last time we were down there, staying at their house.

Karlene, Faline and I are singing in a mother/daughter choir for a special stake women's conference for ages 8 and up to be held in April. It should be very nice.

Michael is waiting a little longer but hopefully we will know if his papers will be forwarded before the end of the week. President Christensen said that once he gets them he schedules his interview and then sends them off so it should be soon! Michael has an assignment and then everything will be set.

From Dad: Let's see. I went to the world's largest truck stop in Wilcox, IA. There were 3 trucks inside that were just for decoration! It's huge. Also, one of the trucks had a full-sized trailer. I didn't even go upstairs. I understand they have a public library, dentist, drivers' lounge, barber, probably showers and laundry. Everything was big and very expensive. It was mostly junk but the restaurant had good food. I bought a cushion for my backside because the seats in the truck are hard. A couple days before that we got stopped in Laramie, WY because the highway was closed for snow, ice and wind. There were a bunch of trucks all over that had been blown off or slid off the freeway on Interstate 80. There were a lot of crumpled trailers and one with the top torn off that was carrying onions. That was on the way to New Jersey. I'm in Salt Lake and getting ready to go right back to New Jersey and then to Maryland.

From Michael: I didn't a picture of the hair cut, maybe next time. This up coming friday will be the first time i see the apartment, and I will be going down in the moving truck with camorah. Good news is the onion shed is slowing down soon for the season and I will be layed off in the second week in April.

From Karlene: the new lace is fine. i can't get a picure yet we need to get back in Utah for that mom might have a picture of the switches. Alex looks and acts like a dog. i caught him chasing his tail the other day.
(The switches don't look weird, the switch closest to the door is not the one that turns on the light! The 2nd one does. The 1st one turns on one or more of the outlets in that room. Mom)

From Faline: Well, not much has happened. Today our brother, Michael, has been mean to me. Mom told me to do the dishes so, after Mom left, Michael got really mean and hurt my arm. I got to stay with Dee Dee overnight Thursday, while Mom & Karlene went to Ontario. That was fun. I went with Dee Dee and Mom to the senior center in Emmett and have lunch Friday. I didn't like corned beef and cabbage but they had good applesauce. Friday night we all saw The Hobbit in 3-D at the Reel. Hope you have fun!

This is our new building, right behind the playground

Living area

Happy 10th birthday, Faline!

Glenn & Carrie with Maddie and Ellie

Matt's brother showing off new gun to Dad, Michael and Elise

Dad, Brett, standing by one of three semis parked inside the world's largest truck stop in Wilcox, IA. This one has trailer attached, the others are just the tractors.

View from the restaurant of part of the sales floor

March 11, 2013

I can't see the pictures today because the computer that I'm on this time can't show them to me.  This past week I got an idea of what people here think of U.S. politics and its isn't the same as Amaricans.  Scratch that 1st sentance I found a way to see the pictures.  this past week for service me and 4 other sisters cleaned a former elders apartment and this 1st picture is a before of their bath room the next picture is me in Indonesia.  I went there for a couple of hours friday. We spent 2 days cleaning that apartment and we refuse to do it again if it is that bad but the elders got in for it.  Oh well  that place has been in use for years.  Medan is where in Indonesia I was neat but all these guys kept trying to get us to ride with them on their moto's.  The next pic is me and sis black infront of trafic.

Just to verify you've got this apartment and won't need to look for another, right?

To Dad: All is well here in a chaotic kind of way, never know what the next hour will bring.  I now have 3 countries in my passport.  How is trucking going? P.S. here is a picture from Medan

To Michael: Singapore is hot and wet, with or without rain (hehe).  teaching is interesting because it is different for each person, usually it is like teaching small childeren no matter how old they are.  you'll need to send me a picture of your new hair and get on studying PMG.

To Karlene: Don't worry about the type of floor as long as you can sleep on it.  You'll need to send me a picture of the switches and the puzzle.  What do you think of the new place?  

To Faline: I'm doing good.  Sounds like fun to have a playground right outside.  Maybe when I get home I'll watch Wreck-It Ralph with you.  I'll send you some cool pictures from Pulau Ubin (Granite Island). 

Infamous bathroom


Sister Ballantyne and Sister Black


March 9, 2013

Hi Summer,

I'm using the free wifi at Barnes & Noble in Sandy? to write this week. We are staying in our new apt, which I rented Monday. It's closer to the freeway than the other one and has a hot tub, which we soaked in last night in the rain. Dad is here for the weekend so we bought a mattress set and the rest of our furniture. It's not the same stuff I sent pictures of, it's less expensive and will be just as good. We asked Carrie to help deliver the mattress last night so we had something to sleep on. We got it next door, at Ashley Furniture. There are a few stores within sight of our apt complex. The rest is coming from RC Willey on March 27th, during Spring Break. Our new address is 292 W Galena Park Blvd #1211, Draper UT 84020.

I'm going with Karlene to Seattle at the end of April when she goes with Children's Chorus to competition. They are singing Wade in the Water, Ku Ku, She's Like the Swallow, Lux Aeterna,  Simple Gifts, My Wish for You, and Kyrie. The last trip with Walkers. Oh, by the way, they just moved to Weiser. I just got done with their taxes.

Cumorah came down with me Monday. That's her resting under the built-in shelf. I know the picture doesn't show much. I'll send more later, when I have my own internet and have my camera. The camera is back at the apt.

Sunday is Faline's birthday and Grandma's is Tuesday so we celebrated while everyone was there last Sunday. The extra-long twin bunks are gone as is the dining table and our 5 cloth chairs. There is a sister in our ward who doesn't have anything so I thought that would be a good way to help out. Michael has his interview with the bishop again next Friday. Hopefully everything will ge a go so the papers will be forwarded on for his mission.

We're planning on going to our new ward tomorrow. I won't have internet or I would have waited until after that to write to you and tell you all about it. Glenn & Carrie came over and looked at the apt and said that we're probably only 20 mins from 5 different temples: Oquirrh Mountain, Jordan River, Draper, Mt Timpanogos and probably Salt Lake. Provo isn't much more than that, I don't think.

From Dad: I'm sitting here with your mom at Barnes & Noble. Things are going pretty good. We just went shopping yesterday and got all kinds of new furniture but it won't come until the 27th, when Mom is down again. Hope you're doing well.

From Michael: Yes, I am still weighting for the call to serve, and I'm haven't really been studying up on preach my gospel, which I know I need to be. I might change my hair cut I might not. So what is Singapore like this time of year, what is it like teaching.

From Karlene: ok, so i only looked tough because i wasn't wearing a head band. the new place has got huge closets and weird light switches i found a cool puzzle, the kind that you like. a disney pprincess is lovely, kind, smiley, balanced, graceful, and caring.
that what you were looking for? oh and they are also good singers.
i slept in my closet in the new place and mom thinks that i am crazy because i slept on the floor that has cement under it.

From Faline: Yes they are. I know I'm turning into a red head. I'm building a pyramid with Duplo Lego's here at Barnes & Noble. I'm doing alright. I like the new apt. The playground is right outside our door! I got some clothes, got to soak in the hot tub, and a movie, Wreck-It Ralph for my birthday. How are you doing?

Mom, Karen, sitting in magazine section using free WiFi inside Barnes & Noble

Cumorah found a comfortable place in our new apartment!

We're not sure what to put on these shelves in the dining room. Maybe pictures.

Grandma and Faline celebrate their upcoming birthdays

March 4, 2013

Poor Crookshanks, I hope he gets better.  The 1st picture is me and my new companion, Sis Wilson.  The 2nd is the enterance to Chines gardens, and 3rd is a couple of rocks I found.  I should tell you about newtela, it is realllllllllllllllllllllly good and I use it like peanut butter.  Have you ever heard of David Archeleto?  Aperintly he is from Midvale UT.  In Draper we wouldn't be very far from Mat and Lori's.  We have been finding alot of people lately and I'm getting better at contacting but I have got a long way to go.  I am also trying to find out who I really am not who others want me to be and I'm finding that harder than talking to people.  My communication skills suck but they're getting better. Say hi for me to dad.  My memory cards are filling up fast.  I filled the 8 and one of the 4GB and half way on the other then I'll work on the 16GB.  So I may not be sending banyak (lots) of pictures but I'll have lots for lator and I still have a while before I'm through. 

To Michael: I'll sleep for a week and a half and you'll sleep for 2 weeks.  Are you still waiting for your call?  Where are you in PMG (Preach My Gospel)?  Are you going to stick with the buzz cut or are you going to change it up any?  You'll love your mission.

To KarleneYour hair cut makes you look tough when your not smiling  Smile :) Your cat is getting big and mine is getting old, oh well.  How do you like you new do?  Alright, I have some home work for you.  You need to right down all the characteristics of a Disney Princess then mail me that list.  

To Faline: Are they that terrible?  How do you like your hair?  Don't worry next time you have a birthday I'll be there.  Plus I'll be bringing home a present for you.  Grandma looks different from when I left.  Hope your birthday is a good one. P.S. Your turning into a red head.

Sister Ballantyne and Sister Wilson

Chinese Gardens entrance

A couple of rocks Summer found

March 3, 2013

Hi Summer,

Well, we were disqualified for the apt because someone was so dim-witted as to think that Dad would get unemployment all year, even though he's now employed. So I'm taking Cumorah and going down tomorrow to see if I can get another one. It's earlier than I wanted to start paying rent but this other apt I'm looking at is almost 200 sq ft bigger and I don't have to jump through hoops to get it. Karlene would be going to a new high school that opens this coming fall, Corner Canyon High School. I'm still not sure what to do with Faline.

Dad has been several places since last time. He's been to Portland, OR, Bellingham, WA, Salt Lake City, UT (on the way through he stopped for a bit so we could see him), New Mexico, Kansas City, KS and should be on his way to Cheyenne, WY today. I talk to him at least once a day but he did leave his cell phone in Washington which had to be overnighted to SLC but he had to leave before it got there. He'll get it next time he gets back to SLC. In the mean time, he uses his trainer's phone. Both of us use Verizon so it's a free call for us and probably JD (his trainer).

I took Crookshanks in to the vet. He wasn't eating very well and when he did, he was throwing it up. Also, he was losing weight. He weighed 6.8 lbs, a little more than half Alex's weight. When the vet looked in his mouth (his breath was worse than usual) and he had infection on both sides back where his cheek meets his jaw. I feed him soft, high-calorie food, 1 can total per day. I feed him about 4 times during the day. The first feeding I also sprinkle L-Lysine from a casule onto his food. This helps make sure that the bacteria can't reproduce. Crookshanks got a shot of antibiotics while he was there to kill the infection and then we take him back for teeth-cleaning in a couple weeks. The last thing I do is squirt mouthwash in his mouth after he eats. He hates that part because it causes him to drool and he doesn't like the taste but he's getting better. I'm going to have to find another kind of food to feed him. He still throws up his old food.

I finally got the windshield replaced on your car. Karlene got her hair cut, as you will see, as well as Faline. They have similar cuts now. 

From Michael: You know your only out there for 18 months, I'll be out for a full 2 years. now you thought you'll be tiered how do you think I'll feel. Good news, we got your car a new wind shield, now we don't have to look over a crack to the road a head. O, I don't jest sleep like that after camp outs anymore.

From Karlene: mom took us to town yester day. Faline and I both got a hair cut. my cat is about 12 pounds.

From Faline: I'm on my way over to Heather and Tracy's for a couple of nights. We celebrated my birthday and Grandma's with the family. Next Sunday, my actual birthday, will be celebrated in Salt Lake, hopefully in our new apt. I think I'm going to have a great time at Tracy's. I love you so much but wish you were here right now with me. It's been a hard time with Karlene and Michael.

Karlene's new short haircut

Faline's new cut

Updated picture of Summer's cat, Crookshanks

New windshield being prepared

On it goes

All better!

Silly face from Michael

Here's a picture of the apt I'm trying to get tomorrow.

I love the fact that all the bedrooms have walk-in closets so we have enough storage for whatever. The mud room has room for the washer and dryer and probably the freezer. Also, the pantry is the width of the kitchen. I still might not get this but I like this plan even better than the other one we lost out on. If they don't have an apt available I have 3 backup locations from Ogden down to Draper. This one is in Draper, River View 4th Ward, Draper Utah River View Stake, Draper Temple district.

Also, we are all headed back down to SLC next Friday to be with Dad. His trainer is getting some dental work done on Saturday so they will be spending the weekend in the valley. If we have our new apt, we'll be sleeping there.

Sis Wilson looks like a fun companion! We will not be far from Matt & Lori's or Glenn & Carrie's (since they live in the same neighborhood) if we get this apt in Draper.

February 25, 2013

To Mom: As long as dad takes good care of it I don't mind and don't give away my gell pens that are in that little round thing. I forgot to bring my cord again so pictures will have to wait till next time.  I find that Singapore is very easy to get the layabout and they don't understand the word roufhouse.  So is the apartment just one level?  Is Faline still having trouble with reading and writing?  Did you know that there is now a nampa Idaho mission and a twin falls mission now?  Hopefully dad will have no trouble finding WiFi.

From Mom: Yes, Faline is still having trouble with her reading and writing, namely that she doesn't want to bad enough! I'm not sure what we're going to do to get her past that obstacle. Nothing will go well without knowing how to read and write. I didn't realize there was going to be a Twin Falls mission, too, but I did hear about Nampa.

To Michael: I figure I'll see you when I see you.  Mom is not going to like emails from either one of us because of how little detail we put in our emails.   That is what I feel like right now but when I get home it will be  so I might do what you do after a camping trip and sleep forever.

To Karlene: Maybe Faline should punch you in the but and see if you can feel it.  How big is your cat now?

To Faline: Silly goose I didn't hear from you this week.  Tell me next week how you're doing ok.  Till next time.

Sis Summer Ballantyne