Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July 1, 2013

To Mom: I got a letter from the Laurals and an email from the YW president.  This week is the 1st week in a long time that I have seen anything from them family since Edward and Leah last wrote.  Sounds like since I'm gone no one came to the reunion.  Still sounds like fun.  Lately we have been rained on everyday and Thursday power went out in all of Sarawak from 5:45 to 8:30pm.  Today I went to Bako again and it was just as good as the 1st time, I didn't take as many pictures and I'll send some next week because I forgot my cord again. 

To Dad: Sounds really neat and I can't wait to see the pictures.  I'll be sending pictures next week also.  On Thursday I had my 1st lesson by candle light because all the power went out in Sarawak, so that is from Miri to Kuching on the island of Borneo.  This saturday we'll be having a baptism so that will be my 3rd.

To Michael: You'll have to tell me about it when you get back.  The oranges here are green.

To Karlene: Sounds like most of the beds I've slept in for the past year.  Zits suck.  Too bad you don't have a picture.  This Saturday I'll have my 3rd baptism and it will be great because there will also be 2 other baptisms the same day.  One will be in the morning and one will be at the same time as mine.  Tell me about the reunion I know you're at next time ok.

To Faline: Today I went to Bako again and we have to be careful because there are different kinds of snakes and crocodiles in the water.  Till next time.

June 29, 2013

From Mom: Since I'm using Steven's computer I'm not sending you pictures but I'll send some next week. It's been fun seeing people at the reunion but there are several people not here. Louis just got remarried last weekend and decided it would be too overwhelming to bring her to such a big event. There aren't very many people here so I don't think it would be so bad for her. Edward and Leah didn't come this time because Edward has a new job and they already came up here in February for their daughter's wedding. Flent & Amy didn't come because Flent had some kind of important meeting back home. Logan and Steven are here so that's fun! Logan has been spending time with his big brother in Utah and they are staying up in Idaho until the 5th. A lot of Ed's family is here but not Judd, who has a new girlfriend after his divorce, after his illness he wasn't able to get the time off from work, and Jake & Jeremy (the EMT) had to work. Nolan, Lureta and Bill and their families aren't here either for various reasons.

At work, I'm doing well! I have the most sales for my class, after a week on the phones. I really enjoy it and know it's helping the people I sign up for our services. Dad doesn't love his job but it makes the money for now. He'd like to be more busy so he's continuing his job hunt. Michael isn't looking very hard but should work over the summer. He'll need to get the battery checked on the van so he doesn't have to keep getting a jump.

I'm going to keep this short so I can visit some more. We stay until Sunday afternoon. Dee Dee wants us to come by as does Cumorah tomorrow. Cumorah didn't sound too positive about being able to come to the reunion because of work.

Are any of the ward members writing to you? Just curious. I can tell from the questions I get that most of the family isn't writing.

We love you and think about you often!

From Dad: Well, we're all up at the family reunion. We went on a hike and tried to walk up to Eagle's Nest, took a wrong turn and went to the wrong peak. Bill & Erin went up there on the 4-wheeler last night and had a tough time finding it and then a hard time finding their way back. They got back after dark. We lucked out ... we're all sleeping in beds in the loft. They are building the new barn up here. It's pretty nice, they have these big posts in the middle that are about 12" X 12" holding the roof up. You have to be careful not to lean against them because they are pitchy (sap is coming out, called curing). They made most of the lumber themselves out of some of the trees from around here. It will take about 6 mos to cure the posts. They need a little more ventilation in the roof because it gets hot even though it's open.

I'm going to let Faline write to you. I'll have Mom send pictures next time.

From Michael: And oranges, and I've never been to Asia. We're headed to the reunion, it's going to be fun.

From Karlene: Well youth conference was fun and boreing at the same time. I didn't like the doorms or the dead sounds. The huge and frogs all were quiet from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AMI also got a farmer's tan. I look funkey, my nose is bright red andI look like prince tsuko from avatar the last air bender. My back started peeling and I asked mom to help in the spots that I can't reach, she found a few sits near my burn. After shewas done with the sits around the burn I fouund one in the middle of the burn and with a little pain poled it. Well the doorms were small and the beds were stiff. The campppus was also too complicated.

From Faline: We got 10 chickens from Bill that we gave to him to raise. (From Dad) I got to see Whitney again. I got to play in the canoe with a little garder snake. I don't know really what else to say.

June 24, 2013

To Mom: I think I'm getting better, I'm not sure.  Here are some pictures of some of the families in the branch and a picture of a butterfly the size of Faline's face almost.  There will be Youth Conference here in November and all of the youth of Sarawak is getting ready for it.  Sister Nielson has a new companion and she is from Indonaisa, her name is Sister Simon.  With her in the house maybe all of our language will improve while we help her with her english.  Be sure to take lots of pictures at the reunion and send them to me.  Next week we might be having a baptism. 

To Dad: I haven't seen it yet and haven't heard any announcements for it so it might take some time to get it translated into Malay.  I've been picking up a little bit of Iban but when they talk in only Iban I don't understand any of it.  Most of the people in the branch are Iban and Malay is there 2nd language most of the time, some times they only speak Iban.  Next week we might be having a baptism and she is Indonaisan. 

P.S. Here is a picture from FHE (MK) and Chiken Feet

To Michael: It is nice and hot here but you'll get all 4 seasons.  I have rambutan, durian, and snake fruit, you'll have apples.  But I've never been to the East Coast.  You'll have fun there.

To Karlene: Of course I'm having fun.  This wouldn't be as interesting if I wasn't.  You should have gotten a picture of your 2 face burn.  I have zig zag tan lines on my feet.  What was it about Utah State you didn't like?  I heard you went to Youth Conference, how was it? 

To Faline: There are lots of interesting people here but email wouldn't do them justice.  I'm doing well.  One of the Sisters had her mom send be a small packet of Velvita Cheese (yum).  Here are some pictures of some interesting things I saw, 1 is Chicken feet and the other 2 are large butterflys.  I hope you like the pictures.  I'm still working on liking the chicken feet.  One of our members made them for us.

June 23, 2013

From Mom: Well, I completed my training and started officially on the floor. I made 3 sales today including a double, which for some is quite a fete. I'm hoping I can exceed the sales I've seen most of the new people put up so that I can earn my commission instead of my hourly pay. I work with some very good people. I really enjoy helping people start to get back into good credit and improve their lives. I'm working my days off this week so I can go the the Simpson Family Reunion next weekend. We're going to leave right after work on Thursday. I already told Grandma that we wanted the loft in the cabin reserved for our family.

Karlene went to Youth Conference this week. I can't tell if she really enjoyed it or not. She met a guy from Georgia who was visiting and made friends with him. They did a 'ropes' course which was like mountain climbing and rock climbing. They had to work with others to accomplish some of the tasks and had belayers, just like when Flent brought the repelling equipment to the family reunion a couple years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing the new barn. They took down the other one, I think. It will also be fun to see the family again.

How are you doing with your language? Better, since I haven't seen you mention it in a while, I would guess. 

Here's a picture of Alex in my lap. I don't think he's growing but I can't tell. He's a pretty solid cat!

From Dad: I guess I have a new calling. I'm the new Ward Assistant Building Coordinator. I think there are 3 assistants and no one in charge. It has to do with cleaning the building, which I did in Marsing.  You may have seen it already, I don't know, but I'm not sure when they will broadcast it in Malaysia, it was a program out of Provo about missionary work, a World Leadership Broadcast. Now, if the church members can keep the excitement going that will be great! Nothing else really new. Michael and I went to the Stake Center to see the broadcast.

From Michael: What do mean you don't envy me the east coast isn't that bad. Anyway, I look forward going into the temple, I don't know which one to get my endounmance though.

From Karlene: I went to Utah State University for the weekend and decided that if I go to colledge it wouldn't be there. I got a wacky sunburn on the first day. My burn was only on half my face so I laugh about it and call myself two face. When I got home it looked like I just got burned around my eye. But I still have that two face burn. I hope you are having fun.

From Faline: I got to go swimming this week. Mom took me. I also helped clean the stake center, our chapel, yesterday. There were a bunch of shows that were fun to watch this week. Yes, she was a pretty girl - she didn't talk to me but she only talked to the teacher. How are you doing? Have you met any interesting people?

June 17, 2013

To Mom: I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited to hear about Michael's call.  This last week I road through water up to right beneath the spokes on my bike and my back pack is still drying, so typical for my mission.  That will be sooo cool if you get in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Today we get transfer news. 

To Dad: I help with cleaning our chapel too because it is Stompin's turn to clean.  This week I got soked to the bone and will find out about transfers.

To Michael: September 18th is one year from when I got to Singapore.  I don't envy your mission especialy since I would freeze.

From Karlene: kind of. He sounds like a adult.  He also is squeaker then one would expect tom something his size. So far I only have 3 people who I would call friend the rest are still aquantences. Alex has also been a topic of discussion. This week should be fun. 

To Karlene: You'll have to tell me about it.  For being in a new place and just getting there 3 is a good start.  

To Faline: I know that you love Magic School Bus so that must be a blast.  I bet you were a good friend to them.

No change for me in the transfers.

June 16, 2013

Mom: Howdy!

Michael's call finally came. I'll let him tell you where. I passed off the first perfect call for my training class, yay! I get to work next Sunday so I can have the weekend off for the family reunion the following weekend. Hopefully your card gets to you soon, I mailed it about 2 wks ago with some Solace from doTERRA. It has directions on how to use it on the label.

I'm going to sing next month and they asked us to talk next week but we can't since I'm working so it will have to wait until August, with so many missionary farewells coming up. July 1st is the day Tabernacle Choir applications open so I'll be working on that soon.

Michael's new email address will be michael.ballantyne@myldsmail.com, if you couldn't have guessed. 

Dad: Not much has happened this week. I've been asked to help clean the church again. Michael got his mission call, we'll let you hear it from him. 

Michael: I got my call to the Chesapeake, Virginia mission. I leave September 18 of this year. The call came on Thursday. That is really all that is exciting this week.

Karlene: So are you liking the school you will be going to next year?  Does your cat sound like a kitten?  I hope you're making lots of friends.  Mom said that you had some friends over this last week.

Faline: Well, there's a new and visiting family in my class in Primary today. I've been watching educational movies, Magic School Bus. I got to drink my new shake from Melaleuca with regular hot chocolate - it was good! 
That's it for this week!

June 10, 2013

To Mom & Dad: People are starting to come back from kompon and from Gawai celibrations.  They should be all back this week since school started again today.  With living in Utah you will probably see a lot of general authorities.  Right now I'm in a trio till transfers which we will find out about next week.  Oh, also now we are covering 3 areas but it is only temperary.  If you talk to Schone about what happened on his mission all I can say is he's Schone. 

To Michael: The litter box won't stop smelling till the thing is thrown out.  Can't wait to hear about your call.  Go a head and send the picture anyway, I might have one to trump it. 

To Karlene: So are you liking the school you will be going to next year?  Does your cat sound like a kitten?  I hope you're making lots of friends.  Mom said that you had some friends over this last week. 

To Faline: Glad you liked the pictures I sent you.  Crookshanks doesn't like other cats.  How are you?  Do you like the new place?  I bet you're having a blast in your new ward. 

June 9, 2013

Hi Summer,

I like what I will be doing. I'm going to help people get their credit under control. Dad applied, we'll see how that goes. You might be interested in it when you get back until you start school.

Bishop Parry called last week and said that Michael's call had been issued. We should know next week where he's going. 

Karlene's starting to invite friends of hers over. It's nice to meet some of them. Alyssa and Kate came over last night and went swimming and then played Wii games on the wall. We don't have a tv but the wall works great!

There are some colorful people who live in our apt complex. Some we'd just as soon not associate with. We went to soak in the hot tub and ended up waiting an hour for some inebriated guys to get out and then some gay guys got in. We soaked for only about 5 mins because they were talking about their alternate lifestyle to the point it was nauseating. 

We need to get to church so I better go. If anything amazing happens at church I'll write again.

Dad said to say:
Hi Summer, we went to the temple last night for ward temple night. Although the session was full, I don't know how many of the members of the ward came 'cause I don't know the members of the ward very well. Your mom recognized a couple of people, but there weren't very many. I guess next time we go there's a good chance Michael will be going, too. That's all for this week.

Michael: They will going to Washington. The temple is only big because the is some sort of an optical allusion. If I send a photo it would be leaving you in question why I took it. This week I should get my call, so I'll let you know. I am so looking forward to the day that the smell from the litter- box is gone.

Karlene: no just those ones. all of it ended when we got to Utah. Alex started talking (not like humans) he is finally making noise once and a while. He is not familiar with Utah or the fact that he can't go outside.  I got a hold of my friend here and she took me to her concert for the end of the year. after she sang the band and orchestra played all of the songs for Pirates of the Carabiean. They were awesome compared to Vallivue.

Faline: The fan tree is really cool! I can do a backwards somersault now. I went swimming a couple times. The cats are neat too. You know I like cats. Crookshanks got an infection a while ago and he's still acting the same way with Alex, hissing, growling, etc.

Mom: I guess I need to pay more attention to the general presidencies of the church. Today, the 2nd counselor in the general relief society visited our ward for a farewell. She was part of the family of the sister's parents. Sister Anderson is going to be serving in the Missouri Independence Mission, specifically in the visitor's center. There are farewells almost every week for a while.

I think you went to the Draper Temple just before you went into the MTC. Now, that's our temple. We went last night for ward temple night. The Relief Society president who was just released was there with her husband as well as one other brother from the ward. Not too big a turnout but there were two young men getting their endowments for the 1st time in our session, preparing for their missions.