Friday, August 31, 2012

From August 28

So I can vote for the election could you get me a apsentie ballet once everything is said and done and just send it to me and I'll send it in by the  time the election happens I'll be in Singapore or Malaysia.  The missionaries in my district want to see pictures of my family so if you could send those to me it would be apresiated and my teachers say that the people of Malaysia love pictures and it is best to carry some with us. We will be flying out Monday, September 17th around 8:30pm and we can call home from the airport. We have a layover in LA and one in Hong Kong and so don't be suprized if you get a call in the middle of the night a couple times.

Something realy cool happened at the devotional on the 21st. Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Twelve came and spoke at the devotional about Following the Teachings of the Prophet. I was in the MTC choir that got to sing for him!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012

...the elders found a nother way to eat a banana.  What you do is take the banana with both hands close to the middle and pull it apart then you squeeze from the bottom and eat it like gogert when you're done you can use it a a cup.  The majority of the people in my district are quite the character and I think that goes for most of the people going to Singapore in general.

 In some parts of Malaysia I may take a while to get to me and all missionary mail and packages go through the mission home before they are sent to the missionaries and some areas are so rulul that the missionaries don't get any of it till they go for a visa run.

 It seems that when my mind in not focused on what I'm doing here it goes to Cumorah.  I wish there were something more I could do to help her but at this point I don't know what that is.

From August 14

I finaly found a way to help me learn the language.  I just get so frustrated when everyone around me can say and understand so much more than I can.

 I forgot to tell you but a while back the watch I brought for the mission kept resetting it self when I wore it so I got a new watch here in the book store.  They only have watches for guys so this thing is hudge on my wrist but it will be good for Singapore because it is water resistant up to a depth of 330ft. or 100m.

I leave the MTC for Singapore on September 17th I'm only here for 9 weeks not 12.  The food here is ok but my body doesn't seem to like it, that and the meals are spred way too far apart which might be part of the problem and I think there should be snaks before bed (hehehehehehehe).  I like it fine here but soon I'll know it is time to move on and that will be about the time we go to Singapore.

Also from July 31

I talked with someone who lives in Singapore and they said that when it rains it is so heave I'll want sandles so my shoes so get socked and to by a scarf/ shall when I get there because it is freezing in the buildings and hot outside.

From July 31

I asked Summer to tell me about her daily routine and this is what she wrote:

Every day I have class twice a day and gym everyday but sunday and p-day. On Sunday we have sacrament fallowed by Music and the spoken word then Releif Society.  In the evening on sunday we have a fireside fallowed by a movie.  I watched the Testiments Last Sunday and on my 1st sunday I watched Joseph Smith: Pophet of the Restoration.  Tuesday is P-day so I write work out in my room and laundry I'm in missionary atire by 5:15 for dinner 'cause in 1M (thats the building were dinner is and there are no sack dinners, just sack breakfast and sack lunch) we must be in missionary atire and at 7pm is a divotional fallowed by district divotional review.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

From August 7th

 I leave the MTC on September 17th so till then my address will be in Provo.  Oh and just to warn you I might come back home speaking cave man talk because in Singapore they speak realy bad english and in Malaysia most people speak Malay but when translated in to english you drop most articals making it came man talk.