Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 24, 2012

I should be able to skyp the night before 5pm your time if it isn't a 5 then I am trying to work the system.  I look forward to your package.  You will want to talk to the bank and let them know that the card in being used in Singapore and Malaysia or they might freeze the account thinking it is stolen.  I better this week physically  I was sick last week.  I wish there was something I could do to help you right now but I don't know what.  If you are to move out of the area let me know.  By the way, who is Adam Walker again?  Lately I've been getting to know my new companion and I am finding it a bit difficult but I won't let that get in the way of the work. I think crazy bathroom experiences come with the call.  My mission is doing good but I'm concerned about you guys. Here in the mission there are ups there are downs but it is for a short time and I need to do the best I can dispite anything that come to through me off course. I'm looking forward to it too.  I know everything will turn out for the best I just wish I could help.  So, have they called a new presidency then?  Till next time.

Sis Summer Ballantyne

and Marry Christmas

December 23, 2012

From Mom:
 It snowed today but didn't stick long. We still don't have enough snow for a snowman. We have a noble fir Christmas tree this year. I got a good deal! I also got a cute reindeer made of wood and pine that sits on the porch. Michael put up some lights on the house. I need to find more but I'm a little disappointed that there aren't any colored lights on the market. They were all sold over the Thanksgiving weekend so I settled for clear lights. They still look okay.

The Relief Society presidency gave us the new Teachings of the Prophets manual, Lorenzo Snow, a little book to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days and a jar of jam. I'm on day 6. Each day gives the scriptures to read, one to mark, a short thought from a general authority and a question to ponder about the reading.

Skype would be great! Then we can all listen in and maybe see you, if you have video ability. Just let us know about what time to expect your call. It would be fun if you could call the night before, while everyone is at Grandma's but I'm not sure what time that would be in Singapore. We're having dinner at 5pm-ish. Then you could talk to everyone at the same time. If you're 15 hours ahead then it would be around 11am. Our power went out so we may not all get a letter out to you. This is being finished on my cell phone. Dad got the local job with Adam Walker as his trainer so we won't be moving away from the area and can hopefully wait until after tax season to move. Hope you have a great Christmas away from home! I sent a box to you last Friday so it will be a couple of weeks coming to you. Pay special attention to the Christmas card. We will use the MC and you can use your debit card.

From Dad:
It"s almost Christmas and guess what? I'm not in the Elders Quorum presidency anymore. They released me. Other than that I don't know what to say. I will be lucky if I even get a chance to send you a letter...the power is gone out and I am going home teaching.  I'm looking forward to talk with you for Christmas!

From Karlene:
Yep he is. I found him playing in a presant bag that I got from 1 of my secret santas. I got a card with money in it and mom told you about the ding dong ditch. How are you doing on your mission?  I had another rm in my seminary class. He had a few bathroom expieiences wich were very funny. 

Snow in the backyard. It didn't last very long.

Road Kill...train and cat!

Choral Edition dessert fundraiser

December 17, 2012

So many missionaries and I here China is opening so Michael might go there. Here is the computer place where we email.  Most places take visa and I found a place that takes master but it was gucci and places like that. Sorry I forgot the cord again but I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Most likely I'll be calling on 26th here but it will still be the 25th there.  If you would prefer that I Skyp you'll need to tell me by the next time I email. The pictures are cool.  Did anyone try to run Alex off with the train?  Maybe you can make a snow man out off plastic cups and staples. This past week was a little different I got a new companion and went to Malaysia for a short time.  The 2 countries are different from each other but both are cool places.

Till next time,

Love, Sister Summer Ballantyne

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Little Note From Michael

It finally snowed on satureday durring the christmas program from CVCC, which went well. I've been cleaning out ditches and friday I got to fill up onion creats full of onions, which is easer then cleaning ditches and much nicer then working in the shed. I should be at around $50 from my goal of 3000 tosurve a mission i hope.
see you later michael

From Summer:

Write me the moment you know where you're going, when you report, and what your email will be.  At least you're doing something you like a little better now.  Till next time.

Sis Summer Ballantyne

December 10, 2012

If you move while I'm on my mission just let me know.  Did you turn on the fosset on Alex while he was in the sink? Today we got transfer notice and I'll still be here in Singapore. Could you send the phone number I fear I may have forgoten it.  I'll be calling on Christmas so just a heads up. The zoo was a blast and very wet, it was raining hard. Christmas is everywhere here in Singapore and on Christmas I'll get to call you all. Could you send the phone number I fear I may have forgoten it. Right now all the malls have tall fake christmas trees right outside of them and Christmas decorations every where. I'll try to send more pictures next time.  I should remember to bring my cord. I'm  putting in my planner as soon as I'm done here.

Well, till next time!

Sister Summer Ballantyne

December 9, 2012

I applied to be a Tax Expert with Intuit, who makes Turbo Tax, Quicken, Quick Books, ProSeries and other financial software. I have a pretty good chance at this one, I think. It pays between $18 and $22/hr, 40 hrs/wk and all done remotely from home. I have the chance to earn up to $7,000 bonus at the end of the season if I meet or exceed my goals (whatever those will be). All I have to do is get a land line back in the house (I just recently went to Vonage for $12/mo instead of over $50/mo). They send me the phone. They have 13 days of paid training and it would probably start January 7th if they can't get me into their December class. Dad has to get his blood pressure under control (he didn't know he had high blood pressure until he went to get his DOT physical done) before anyone can hire him to drive but that shouldn't take long. I checked the Mormon Tabernacle Choir website again. Good news! I can audition until I'm 55 instead of 50, like I thought I remembered. I have to be within 100 miles of Temple Square. Moving to Utah within 7 years is a possibility, especially if Dad gets on driving truck. I can do Intuit anywhere I have a land line and can do taxes through the mail or email. Last night was Karlene's Christmas concert. It was pretty good. Then we went home and watched the new Spiderman movie. We didn't get to bed 'til 1:30am so I don't know whether we had our night prayer or morning prayer just before we went to bed. 

Treasure Valley Premier Singers with Karlene just to the right of the microphone stand

Depiction of the 1st Sunday School with Richard Ballantyne

Marsing 2nd Ward Christmas Party: Faline is the one standing on end on the right

Shells sang and Mom played "As Shepherds Kept Their Lonely Vigil" by Sally deFord

Mom helped the Young Women sing "Peace, Peace, Peace"

Karlene is in the red shirt with the glowing eyes!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

I haven't used Malay much here in Singapore but there are a few people we use it with. The school year here in Singapore ends at the end of the year except the American School.  Today I'm going to the zoo which is why this email is earlier than any of the ones before.  That is my thumb in the picture with the bug and that was in Hong Kong. I forgot my cord again so no pictures this time, I try to remember for next time.  You know how I am such a clutz, well, I accedently spilled boiling water on my hand this last week but it is healing really good.  One day I'll see a blister and when I wake up in the morning it's gone Where I am living right now I found a Book of Mormon for language study of Mandarin so I might come home speaking Malay, Mandarin, and maybe Ebon.  Ebon is a treble language that is spoken in Borneo (half of it is Malaysia).  So you never know.  Oh, we'll be finding out about transfers soon so I might be going to Malaysia or I might stay here in Singapore, we'll see. 

Till next time.

Sis Summer Ballantyne

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012

Dad is applying to trucking companies now. WITCO decided he was no longer a fit for their company and let him go. Neither one of us are very concerned or worried. We're not panicking or anything. He's going to get his DOT (Dept of Transportation) physical tomorrow, which is the only thing not current besides his driving skills. We went to the temple this week, Dad three times and me two times. I prayed that I would know how to help Dad get his new position and what it should be. We had looked at two or three trucking companies before we went. All I could think about during the session, besides what I was supposed to, was how it would be different this time if he was driving over the road. I even tried to redirect my thinking to other jobs and went right back to trucking. Now, today, I heard him say he's looking forward to driving. I honestly can't picture him doing anything else. The missionaries came over Friday and asked us to list people we would like to pray for to join the church. Elder Ballard promised that if we pray for each name, individually, morning and evening in our family prayer that at the end of 21 days someone would be ready to hear the gospel. There was a list of scriptures to read as a family every day, too. Yesterday (Saturday, Dec 1st) was the Caldwell Christmas Light Parade. We went and watched it with Chris and Jeannie and their family. Afterward, they came over and we had Papa Murphey's pizza and watched Thor using the projector and the blueray surround sound system. Chris saw your picture of you sitting on the big chair (Mom has that as her wallpaper). He said, "Man, she is a beautiful girl!" I told him he should tell you that himself. We gave them the blog site to get your email so they can -- and they can keep up with what's happening. They probably will! He and Jeannie said that they've been thinking about you. Chris said he misses you. Nathan, their oldest, is now 16 and in the Air Force Civil Air Patrol. His unit was doing crowd control for the parade. Do you get to use Malay or do you mostly get to speak English? You never mention it so I thought I'd ask.

Alex, our fairly new kitten, has learned to jump up on our tall vanity and bother Crookshanks

One of the "floats" from the Caldwell Christmas Light Parade

Alex, at only 4 mos, is getting big!

A surprise under the tree