Monday, September 24, 2012

1st Message from Singapore

My p-day is now monday and I don't know what that is in the states or when but it will be different. My 1st area is Singapore and one of the wards I work with makes is so I can go anywhere on the island.  Once I figure out how to send pictures I will. Singapore is amazing there is so much here, it is still getting processed the people for the most part keep to themselves but are really nice and I love 3rd Ward, they're so happy and excited.  1st Ward reminds me of home kind of.  They're all amazing.  Till next time.

Sis Summer Ballanyne

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  1. Sister Ballantyne! I'm so proud of you for serving a mission. Keep up the great work, I know the Lord will bless you.

    Love your old seminary teacher,

    brother hilton