Saturday, September 8, 2012

MTC Pictures

Summer's room and roommates at the MTC

Summer's district at the Provo Temple

Summer outside the Provo Temple

Roommates on a 'red' day

Roommates in front of the temple

Sister Blaur, Summer's companion

Sister Caballa, in Summer's district

Sister Tehani, in Summer's district

Summer by the temple, on the temple grounds

Neat painting hanging in the MTC. These elders have been working hard!

Sisters in the district

Summer in front of the fountain on the temple grounds

Summer's district in the classroom in front of Singapore (red & white) and Malaysia flags.

This is where we're going!

See, this is Singapore, on the end of the peninsula that also is part of Malaysia.

District meeting on the lawn

District field trip to the Provo Temple

Break time by the MTC gate

Someone's limber!!

The couple in the middle are part of her MTC Branch Presidency, Brother & Sister Gines

Time off for good behavior! Chillin' on the grass.

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