Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Singapore, At Last!

Summer tried calling us from the Salt Lake City airport but called the old number instead. Her companion's father called our bishop to get our number then gave it to Summer. Once she got to LA, she finally called. Summer called us at 11:42pm Monday to talk to us. She is so excited to be going out into the field. Some of her things didn't fit so she is sending them home but got the little care box I sent just before she left the MTC for the airport. I sent her some of the peppermint from the field across the street so she has her favorite scent as well as her birthday card, SD card that she sent so I could unload it for her, and some stickers that she can use to dress up her letters. She misses us but is having a ball! I know it will be hard work but she will come home better than when she left (which wasn't bad, just needed a new outlook and patience).

Here's a picture of her in the Singapore airport with her Mission President and his wife, Pres. and Sister Mains.

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