Thursday, October 11, 2012

More from October 8th

 I'm doing well and keeping bussy.  Lots of teaching and traveling the island, we might have appointments on both ends of the island a day.  Most of the new people we teach are reffered to us by other missionaries, sometimes we contact on the MRT or on a bus because we are always in motion.  The people here are awesome and so diverce there are people from all over the world I for the majority they are all very nice.  The appartments aren't that different from what is in the states if ex-pats live there if they live in Singapore and aren't they aren't there temporary then all the appartment buildings look the same except the color.  I haven't seen too many buildings in the more business or shoping areas but today I'll be going to the science center for p-day with my zone.  I'm still getting used to the food.  Indian food is spicy unless it's desert.  Chines and Indo is really sweet but Japaness food I like.  Glad you got so much fruit so have some of it left for when I get home.  I'm still in shock slightly over the age change.  That means in a few months I'll have a 19 yr old for a companion.  Oh well.  Enjoy the pig I'll want some when I get home.

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