Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

I'll be sending you a letter soon to help you learn Malay but first I would suggest getting a Malay Book of Mormon.  You may not be able to find one yet so get the Indonision one insted but the Malay will be coming out soon, it just needs to be printed.  Last Saturday I had my 1st baptism.  I forgot to bring my USB cord so no picture right now.  His name is Joseph and he was so excited to be baptised.  I will try to send a letter about Sis Gopinath and some of my investigators.  You should look on facebook for Singapore 3rd ward.  They like to take pictures and love to catch the missionaries on camara.  I'm glad all is well with you and hope things continue to do so.  One thing that I'm learning so far from my mission is to not wait for the last second to plan for what comes next and I don't what to be in that situation.

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