Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From August 14

I finaly found a way to help me learn the language.  I just get so frustrated when everyone around me can say and understand so much more than I can.

 I forgot to tell you but a while back the watch I brought for the mission kept resetting it self when I wore it so I got a new watch here in the book store.  They only have watches for guys so this thing is hudge on my wrist but it will be good for Singapore because it is water resistant up to a depth of 330ft. or 100m.

I leave the MTC for Singapore on September 17th I'm only here for 9 weeks not 12.  The food here is ok but my body doesn't seem to like it, that and the meals are spred way too far apart which might be part of the problem and I think there should be snaks before bed (hehehehehehehe).  I like it fine here but soon I'll know it is time to move on and that will be about the time we go to Singapore.

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