Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From July 31

I asked Summer to tell me about her daily routine and this is what she wrote:

Every day I have class twice a day and gym everyday but sunday and p-day. On Sunday we have sacrament fallowed by Music and the spoken word then Releif Society.  In the evening on sunday we have a fireside fallowed by a movie.  I watched the Testiments Last Sunday and on my 1st sunday I watched Joseph Smith: Pophet of the Restoration.  Tuesday is P-day so I write work out in my room and laundry I'm in missionary atire by 5:15 for dinner 'cause in 1M (thats the building were dinner is and there are no sack dinners, just sack breakfast and sack lunch) we must be in missionary atire and at 7pm is a divotional fallowed by district divotional review.

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