Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 1, 2013

Oh my goodness! We totally forgot to write to you! I remembered about midnight when I was saying my prayers. SORRY!! 

So much has happened, we had a busy week. We got to Utah in the middle of a SLC snow storm! It took between 1/2 hr to an hr to get just 16 miles, from Salt Lake to Draper and was very hairy! While we were in Utah we did a couple of things. Monday we went downtown to look at Temple Square and see the Joseph Smith movie. We also took a tour of the Conference Center. It was all decorated for the YW General Broadcast they were having on Saturday, the 30th. We got a few pictures there. On Thursday we went over to Sis Brenneke's and had lunch with her (Chinese). I had Steven meet us there and walk across the street to the Provo Temple to go through a session with me. I asked him to join me in the prayer circle. He was hesitant but said he would. After we were done he said that he'd never done that before. As a missionary he wasn't allowed to be in the circle. Steven said that he was planning to start going to the temple more often since he hadn't been in months! He only lives 5 mins away so this was a shove in the right direction! He was shocked that I really meant that she lived across the street from the temple. He thought maybe a short drive or longish walk but was very impressed with Sis Brenneke's location. We went from Provo to the Tabernacle for the Tabernacle Choir rehearsal. It was fantastic! We were sitting up in the balcony as close as they would let us get (which wasn't very close). Most of the rest of the time we watched videos, played video games and had fun with our internet connection. 

We came back to Idaho Saturday but didn't get here in time to go to the Stake Center for the broadcast. We started watching it on the internet and got interrupted by the neighbors, the ones who bought our pregnant goats. If we didn't tell you, they had 11 kids (one died): 2 sets of triplets, 2 sets of twins and a single. They sold Patches because she rejected one of her twins. The guy who bought her was the same guy who bought our bucks and wether. They came over to ask about the poles. I said that they're up for grabs. They took all of them in two loads in a little Toyota pickup. He gave me $40 for it. They also got almost all the spools for the goats to play on.

I wore my bright yellow suit on Sunday and got quite a few compliments on it. I also bore my testimony, which I don't do very often. We went over to Tracy & Heather's after we cleaned up the living room and kitchen (total disaster after trying to frantically pack!). It was fun.

I got a new position with Intuit. Good thing, too and just in time! I get $50/hr for 24 hrs of training and then $30/call I take. This is for the last week of tax season and supporting TurboTax questions. Cool, huh? Tax season is going kinda slow, as you may imagine, since I'm packing and moving. I'll be training every night this week except Tuesday (even Sunday) from 5:30pm to 10pm. This opens the door for future projects, I think.

Crookshanks is not eating. He wants the $2/can food but I'll hold out so he gets hungry enough to eat what's already available. The vet said that there's not much concern until he's gone 2 wks without eating. Hopefully I can stick it out! He seems to want everything we're eating but not what he's supposed to eat. We took the cats when we went down to Utah. Crookshanks handled it better than Alex but Alex adjusted better once we got to the apt.

Karlene is going up to work with Grandma to earn money for her cat deposit.

This is our new bedroom set in Draper

Crookshanks chillin' on the back of the couch

Our new dining room table and dining room

Steven with us in our new apartment in Draper

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