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March 24, 2013

To Mom: I don't know if you're online or not but today I find out about transfers and at the moment I know nothing and it is so annoying.  Things have been busy this last week and a bit rough but hopefully it will get better this week. 

To Dad: How is the open road.  Today I'm writing a little earlyer than normal because I'm waiting to hear about transfers and this is the closes emodicon that I can find to fit the situation.  This past week has be a more intence roller coaster than last week and I'm not sure when the ride will end.

To Michael: So much news to wait for today.  Today we find out about transfers and if I'll still be in Singapore or if I'm going to Malaysia.  Plus I'm waiting to hear about your call when you get it so keep me up to date with where you are in the prossess.

To Karlene: Here are some more pictures from pulau ubin.  It is a small island of Singapore near Malaysia with mostly biking trails.

To Faline: Last week we played ping pong and we might do that again this week.  I think you you l like it.  Tell me how school and moving is going what do you think about going to live in Utah? 

To Mom: I'm going to Kuching, Malaysia.  I'll get to work on my Malay now. Spred the word if I can't email all of them. You already have pictures of my new companion.  She is from my district in the MTC and she is in a lot of those pictures.  But I'll send more.

Mom: Great! How far is that from where you are? We're in Utah. I just picked up Dad for the night. He turns right around and heads back to New Jersey, where he's gone for the last two trips. We got all our furniture here and have the new stuff delivered on Wednesday. I played in Relief Society today in our new ward. The other person whose calling it was moved and hasn't been replaced. Michael should get his papers in next month. It will be nice in April because Dad's trainer is going to have about 4 days off to celebrate his anniversary so we'll celebrate, just the two of us. I'll get back for a day and then leave to go with Karlene to Seattle. Our concert is on May 11th and then Karlene's last concert for school is May 13th. Anytime after that we can move. Here's one picture of our living room.

I'm keeping this short for obvious reasons. We love you and hope you have fun in your new area.

Dad: Right now, for the most part, it's okay. Weather has been a problem. I've been bouncing around from Utah to New Jersey and back. We did take a trip up to Seattle when I left my phone. Miss your mom and other members of the family while I'm gone. I'm riding with a guy named Jason Gladstone (JD) in the truck assigned to him. The most challenging parts are backing and driving through traffic while pulling a 53' trailer. Don't worry about figuring out who you are. The way to find yourself is to completely forget about yourself and lose yourself in the work. It's through service to others that you will find yourself. I now that sounds cliche but it's true.

We're going to dedicate the new apt tonight. Thought you'd like to know.

By the way, you should know that your self is changing all through your life. Once you think you have it figured out you'll change. You'll also find that this is a search that takes a lifetime but you become more comfortable with the search. How are you getting to Kuching? It will probably be different from Singapore.

Michael: That is great news that you have been transferred. My first transfer wont happen till I go to the MTC. Until then I will say that I am finally visiting the apartment that is up for rent. Some time this week I will need to have them push to go to temple square to see all the church movies they have. I'm getting tiered of not being on a mission. However it was an interesting expereians driving down with Camora.

Karlene: wow that's awesome. You sent really pretty pics. We came back to Utah, but this time we brought the cats. We also brought the piano, the rest of your room, moms dresser, dads drawers, Michael's room, the beds, and Cumorah. We went to our new ward and got lost going home. Michael got a new laser pointer, my cat was interested in the scenery, usualy he likes to play with the pointer, but we found out that he likes to chase his tail.

Faline: Karlene is starting to be a brat. Moving to Utah is okay. I have some cousins here so it's going to be alright. I'm homeschooled right now. I drove down with Dee Dee while Cumorah drove the truck and Mom drove your car. The other two rode with them and the cats. 

From Summer: Kutching is in east Malaysia on the island of Bornio and is closer to the Philipins then to Singapore.  Oh, this week a family moved in the Clementi ward named Clemente and it is pronounced similar to each other.  This next month will be crazy at least I don't have to worry about a bike now, Sis Wilson has given me her bike since she won't need it any more.  I'm thinking I'll need to eventually put my pictures on a portable hard drive because I'm down to my last SD card but it will take a while to fill it up because it is the 16GB one.

Way different from Singapore and I'll be flying there.  I may pic up some Ebon (tribele language) which is similar to Malay. 

You can't spell Cumorah?  The PMG DVD's I have you should watch over and over again so you know them when you come on your mission and your 1st transfer will be when you leave the MTC

Does Krookshanks like the pointer or could he not be bothered by it?  I'm so glad that my drawers came, they have survived so much over the years and I don't want to loose them.  Maybe I'll get to send you picture of corpse flower because where I'm going is where to find it.

How did the cats like the ride and the new place?  I'll be sure to send you lots of pictures of Kutching and kutcing means cat.

Pulau Ubin Pond

Pulau Ubin Trail

Looks like a headstone, in Pulau Ubin.

Ping pong on P-day.

Street in Singapore

Drips under their air conditioner in the office

Motorcycle just parked in the middle of the road

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