Sunday, April 21, 2013

March 31, 2013

From Summer: You might want to right a little earlier now because now the earliest I'll wright is at 10am.  The 1st picture is an investigator back in Singapore named Mike, 2nd is a street with Krookshank's name (yes I rarely spell his name the same every time), and 3rd is the back yard of our apartment here in Kuching.  If it wasn't for spell check my emails would be full of miss spellings.  Kuching is awesome and full of cat things, I'll try to send pictures of them after I get them.

Kuching is great but I am having a little bit of difficulty riding the bike, only because I'm in a skirt and there are lots of hills.  How are your travels going?  I don't really know how to play the piano but here for service we teach how to play the piano

Are your papers still with the bishop? (to Michael) There are many people here who want to know where you're going and don't worry they're all fellow missionaries or future missionaries. 

'Sup?  Are you out of the house now or not yet.  You guys need to email me earlier so I don't have to wait till next week to get this weeks emails.

I saw some cool stuff around Kuching and I'll send you a picture as soon as I take them.  I'm on a bike now and it can be kind of tricky since I'm in a skirt.  Be sure to look at the pictures I sent to mom, I think you'll like them.

Sign on the MRT

Summer's new backyard in Malaysia

Summer with investigator in Singapore, Mike

Big ad in the mall

Summer's cat is Crookshanks. She found a sign using his name.

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