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April 7, 2013

From Mom: I wrote a letter to talk about this week and sent it but it seems to have disappeared! Oh, well. I'll start again. It looks like you're still in a pretty good-sized city. How different is it from Singapore, besides not hearing English as often? Is your language coming back quickly or are you having to work on it?

I'm almost done with my training for Intuit. I not only get $50/hr for the web meetings we're participating in for training but also the online modules I do on my own time! I've signed up to work 60 hours between the 8th, tomorrow, and 15th, next Monday. I should make over $3,000 in that amount of time, including training. It's a great time for it!!

Michael should be feel ready to forward his mission papers within a couple of weeks. I, of course, am not a very patient person so want it to happen now!! I loved what Elder Anderson said in Conference - that the Thursday after the age announcement was given he was asked to go recommend missionaries. There were already many 18-yr old young men and 19-yr old women who had seen their doctors, interviewed with their bishops and stake presidents and submitted their paperwork to serve full-time missions all in just 5 days! Awesome!

What time do you see Conference? Is it rebroadcast at a normal time for you or do you watch it live, in the wee hours of the morning?

I'm looking forward to having about 5 days with Dad in Draper starting the 19th! I'll leave everyone else here. Karlene has a Saturday rehearsal for Children's Chorus during that time. It will be the only time they rehearse together before the competition (or on the bus). I get back the 23rd and leave the morning of the 25th with Karlene and the choir to go to Seattle. They're singing Kyrie, Lux, Wade in the Water, My Wish for You, She's Like the Swallow, Simple Gifts and Ku-Ku. Should be fantastic! 

Crookshanks may not be moving with us. Even after his teeth were worked on he still isn't eating the way he needs to. He seems to be in pain every time he bites wrong so we may need to end his suffering, just as a heads up. Sorry. 

Dad seems to like what he's doing now. Things change constantly for them. He may be on his way somewhere and then get a call that they are to meet up with another driver, switch trailers and go somewhere completely different! Fun stuff. He's been all over but  not much in New England or the South. The furthest south so far has been Arkansas.

From Dad: I'm sitting here in Des Moines, IA, tomorrow morning we'll be in Chicago and be delivering in about 5 different places. I've seen a lot of roads go by me. I just got done driving and am going to freshen up and then go to bed. Tomorrow morning, at 3am, we'll make our first delivery.

So, are you using the language that you learned? Just out of curiosity, how does Malaysia compare with Singapore? Be sure and have a lot of fun. Enjoy your work!

From Michael: Yes, my papers are still with the bishop for know. Speaking of missionaries there is a young new missionary from Singapore. I already forgot his name. And if you think the missionaries over there are dieing to here my call, everyone over here is dieing to get rid of me. Serves me right for procrastinating so long. so when you watch confrence do you wieght a day or do you get up real early?

From Karlene: I  got to stay Deedee's and earned 30 dollors cleaning up mouse chewed and every thing that was destroyed. Cumorah  and Ryan came over for Ryan's b-day. We were tomenting Alex while he was in one of the boxes. I also got 20 dollars by helping Sis. Brenikey.

From Faline: One cat was very scared, one was just like "Ok, I guess I'm just going to hang out on the floor." I got to spend some time with Dee Dee. I also got to see my cousin, Whitney, when we went over to their house for dinner. I miss you alot. That's it.

Brett, Dad, next to his truck

Michael and Faline with Alex

Karlene & Cumorah playing with Alex, in the box

Cumorah and Ryan, her fiance, on Ryan's birthday. They have finally set the year for their wedding! May 28, 2014.

I call this "Sleeping with the Enemy" because Alex is forever tormenting Crookshanks, who has hated Alex from the first day!

More from Mom: It must be different for you in Malaysia. I'm guessing that you have to use your language now. Have you remembered what you'd been taught or is it taking a bit to get it back? It looks like you're still in a pretty big city, though.

I'm just about done with my training. I start taking calls Monday morning and have signed up for about 60 hrs from Monday to the end of the next Monday (the 15th). In addition to $50/hr for the training classes, I also get $50/hr for completing the online modules to learn how to do my job. I should be able to earn about $3000 for this last week of tax season! Yay!

Dad is on his way to Illinois, I think. It can change at any moment. He stopped by on his way to Portland Thursday and again on his way back from Tillamook (with a load of cheese) this morning (at 5am). I got to spend a couple hours with him Thursday but only 1/2 hr this morning. At least I get to see him, talk to him and get a nice hug and kiss before he takes off again. Sometimes they get samples and other freebies. They got cheese and icecream in Tillamook. When they got to Snowville, on their way just south of Salt Lake they thought, JD (his trainer) got a call that they were going to switch trailers with another driver and take the new load to Wisconsin. Before too long Dad let me know that they were only taking that load as far as Nebraska, trading trailers with another driver and taking the new load to Illinois. Never a dull moment.

We'll have almost 5 days together starting the 19th. His trainer asked for time off for his anniversary.

Faline spent a few days over at Dee Dee's while I was training. I may send her back next week when I'm on the phones. She didn't want to come home but I swapped her with Karlene so Karlene could earn more money for the Seattle tour and pet deposit.

Did you watch Conference live? or do you watch a rebroadcast at a time that's normal? Just wondering. It would have been on at like 2am for you when I was thinking of that question, during the 1st session. Jeff Erekson sounds like he's the new Area Seventy for us. He was Dad's boss with Beneficial - ran the office in Boise. Hopefully he'll be better at church service than he was running the Boise Beneficial office. Elder Natruss was released.

I'm hoping Michael will be ready to submit his papers in a couple weeks. He is supposed to call Dad every day with a report, kinda like an accountability partner. So far he's called every evening starting yesterday.

I'm going to start writing late Saturday so that we don't miss you. I think that's enough rambling. Till next week.

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