Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 18, 2013

The complex is in 3 wards?  Utah is going to be a lot to get used to.  Transfers are coming up soon so that will be interesting and it looks like there will be a lot of moving around and I might be going to a biking area.  The first picture is me and my 1st Durian, I'll let you look up on that one.  The 2nd is from Pulau Ubin and some of the sisters that went and the 3rd is the scene behind us.  This last week was a little rough but managable.  I'm learning lots from Sis Wilson.  I'm not sure what will be the same and what will be different when I go home but I know that there are changes that I can see now. 

Next time tell us about Pulau Ubin. What is it, just a nice spot or what? Love, Mom

To Dad: That truck stop is hudge and it sounds like it has everything a trucker needs.  Only a couple missionaries got there bikes for 800 ringit which comes to around 300 usd.  The 1st picture is an out house I sent a picture of a while back but this time at low tide.  2nd is me about to eat durian with some investigators.

To Michael: You sound busy.  Tell me about the apartment when you see it.  I'm still waiting for your call. P.S. Bring your own hard drive so you can empty your memory cards on it.

To Karlene: So they just don't work like planned.  Alex sound funny, silly cat.  The 1st 2 pictures are of pulau ubin and the 3rd is the menu for frog, uhm.  And I had durian last week too. 

How did you like the Durian? Good thing the skin wasn't on it. Mom

To Faline: Durian was different.   I haven't figured out if I like it or not but I'll bring you candy hehehehehe.  You guys need to make a list of all the movies you watch.

Summer's 1st durian enjoyed with some of her investigators

Some of the sisters enjoying Pulau Ubin

Same view without people

Durian, the stinky fruit. Supposed to smell disgusting but taste fabulous!

A dock on Pulau Ubin

Very tall tree on Pulau Ubin

Frog restaurant menu

Outhouse at low tide

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