Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 15, 2013

To MomAsk Elder Hong which part of Singapore he is from. Well in all the crazy just remember to write.  Bako is really cool, very jungle.  I got some shells from there and some cool pictures.  Right now I tired so my brain isn't quite running and I'll need to cut this email short.  The pictures I send are only a small part because I can only send so many a week but you all can see them when I get home and I'll still send some when I remember.  Oh, I look like a lobster right now because I got burned (sun burn). 1st is a picture of a couple of girls in the branch I'm serving in, 3nd is a place that reminded me of the haunted mansion, and 2rd is from Bako national park.

To Dad:  If you get any cheese samples eat some for me, most of the cheese here is fake.  Bako is really cool, you would like it.  I can't really think right now because I tired.  We got back from Bako, had lunch and now emailing. 1st me and some of the girls in my branch, 3rd is the sign in the park for Bako, 2nd is how the go fishing here.

To Michael: Ex-pats are expatriates who are people who come from other countries and live and work in a foreign country.  Any news on your call?  Where are your papers?  Hope you like this picture it reminds me of you.

To Karlene: Glad you like the pictures here are a couple more.  Are you excited to be a bride's maid?  How is school coming along?  Alex sounds like a big cat.  Most of the cats here have tails like Krookshanks.

To Faline: Sounds like your having fun.  I miss you too but you know that I leave my family so other people can be with there family for all eternity, right?  You need to wait 9 more months and I'll be home before your birthday.  It will be like a Christmas gift to you.  Till next time.

Sis Summer Ballantyne

Bako shoreline

Bako shore

Path in Bako National Park, Malaysia

Entrance sign to park

Sister Ballantyne with girls from Kuching branch and bike she got from Sister Wilson, her previous companion.

Some of the girls from the branch

Monkeys in the park

This one posed for her

Hermit crab that reminded Summer of Michael

Nice sign from Bako

This is the place that reminded Summer of the Haunted Mansion.

This is where they go to fish in Malaysia.

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