Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 29, 2013

To MomWhy did Karlene have and anxiety attack?  Things are good here in Kuching and we're getting ready for a baptism this week.  With Karlene's hair that why she look older than she is.  You can always count on the Marriott to have Book of Mormons. Sorry no pictures this time because I didn't take any but I will next time.  Many of the people we teach have very little to no education but they are very humble and very kind. 

To Dad:Going from one end of Kuching to the other on the bike can be hard especially when you have to go up and down hills.  We might be moving soon but also transfers are coming up and I'll still be here most likely but Sis Tehrani might get transferred.  My language skills need a lot of work before I can understand what people are saying.  I'll hear what they say and then I wont understand it till maybe an hour later.  Maybe this time you might get a free sample of chocolate.  Glad to hear you might be getting your own truck soon.

To Michael: The usual missionary stuff.  We're getting ready for a baptisme this week.  How are your papers coming?  Where did they serve?  What will you be doing now? 

To Karlene: Who is Natalia?  Why did you freak out?  Now, remember how you felt after you got off the bus and then magnify that by 100 and I will probably be like that when I get home.  I've got some cool pictures to show you when I get home and I think you'll really like them.

From Mom: Natalia is our cousin, Kathy's younger daughter.

To Faline: Sounds like you have been having lots of fun.  What will you do next week?  Are you excited about moving to Utah?  There are cat every where here in Kuching and mean dogs.

Till next time...

Sister Summer Ballantyne

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