Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 11, 2013

You can tell them how warm it is here in Singapore and the bus stops here are pretty nice and the ones that go to Malaysia are in the same areas that the cruse ships are. People in the US just don't use the bus that regularly any more unless they don't have much money there. I don't mind you using my duffle just bring it back in one piece. I got to see a Lion dance for Chinese New Year and got to participate in the celebrations with some of the members.

To Michael: Any idea why the alarms went off? Maybe you will go to Indonesia for your mission.

To Karlene: I saw a lion dance this last week and there are a lot of parasitic plants here. It is the tropics. I think the house is in protest because its first family is moving out of it. I hear you might have an audition, you'll have to tell me how that goes.

To Faline: There are a lot of things here that are like China so I would say yes they do. I'm doing good in Singapore and I can navigate it pretty well also. What do you thing about moving to Salt Lake? Have you beet Tools of Destruction yet? I miss you too. I'll send you a picture of a Lion next time ok.

Till next time,
Sister Summer Ballantyne

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