Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 3, 2013

From Mom: Well, thankfully, CR England didn't work out. They sent Dad home over a miscommunication by WITCO. Dad didn't hear very many good things about England, mostly bad things and Grandma hadn't heard much good either. She was very relieved! Instead, Dad will start driving for Pride on the 11th. Pride was my 1st choice. Also, we are getting ready to list the house for sale. We've been approved for the apt we want. I wrote to the choir teacher at Hillcrest High and gave her Karlene's singing resume, asking about the better choirs at the high school. She wrote back that she'd love to have Karlene in their Concert Choir, to let her know when we were in town and she'd give her an audition. I'm going to try to sell a lot of stuff so we don't have to take it and give some away, throw away the rest. I told the girls they can only take 2 boxes of personal stuff, not including clothes, each. Faline's already gone through some of her things but this is going to be hard for Karlene. 

Mom and I picked up Resa at the airport Wednesday so Dee Dee has a roommate. Thursday I picked up your dad at the bus stop. He'll be home until he starts at Pride. Yesterday, Bill came over with his hired man and two oldest sons and, with Dad's help, took down some of our fence; the front by the gates, side by Mike and Julie's house and back fence to deBoer's (now Lamsen's). He'll come back for the gates. Bill's also going to get the giant round stock tank to raise the 30 turkens we pre-bought in November that should be ready in a week or two. We will get 20 of the birds when they are butchered and Bill's family will keep 10.

Today will be the last family get-together Dad can go to in a while. Since we all start our church services early this year dinner is at 3:30pm at Bill's.

Michael got a new calling, in case he didn't tell you, as the ward YSA rep. All of the doctors got their reports in so Michael just needs to talk to the Bishop and then Stake President to finish his mission papers. 

From Dad: Well I'm writing this letter from home today. I went to check out CR England, a trucking company. I was there for about three days on their dime but it just was not a fit so I came home. Since I got home I've spent most of my time moving something or someone. Dee Dee came by and did some packing. Karlene and Faline spent the night at Dee Dee's then yesterday Bill came over with his hired man. We took the fence down around most of the pasture and took it to his house. He also took my wagon, the pickup bed trailer. Then we loaded up the back of the pickup with Dee Dee's stuff and took it to her.

Your mom seems to be very excited about moving to Utah. She doesn't seem to do things part way. She informed me she gave away the bunk beds and the table for the dining room. Her new hobby is to go on the internet and pick out new furniture for the move.

As I wrote this letter I was listening to your mom sing [in the choir]. I asked Michael if he would like to sing. He said, "No." He's over there with the tenors singing [anyway. Just couldn't help himeself. Maybe Chris Collett coaxed him.] I hope you get lots of opportunities to sing. 

Well I'm out of paper.Keep us in your prayers and remember, you're in ours!

Michael: When I say I mean to ask you what it is like over at  because I'm not there. when I say I can't weight to be a billionaire I really mean trillion-air . I am having way to much playing with these emotions. By the way, the  are nice.

Karlene: awesome flower is it part of the tree? i am typing this at school and my friend also likes the flower.

Faline: I am going to play with my cousins this afternoon at Bill's. Resa moved in to Dee Dee's house. I got to spend the night at her new apt with Karlene on Friday. I'm growing!

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