Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 4, 2013

To Mom: Hello, I've been having a very bizarre week, bouncing between 2 wards again.  The pictures I'm sending are not very recent but they're pictures right.  I'll need my coats when I get home so don't get rid of at least too many of them.  I want my trench coat and my duster, my capes, my nice coats, my denim coats, my letter man, and you will want to check my pockets on anything you give away because I might have something in them.  Also keep my nice vests and the little leather outfit that grandma gave me and my little chines dress.  There are some books that can be given away or sold I just don't remember which ones.  Oh, while you are packing things up keep and eye out for my class ring please.  I know this letter is more on you getting ready to move but I know my stuff needs to be down sized a bit.  I want to go through my movies and games when I get home 'cause my taste might change.  You can give away or sell the boxes of baby clothes that are in my room.  I still want my stuffed animals.  This week will be interesting because everyone is getting ready for chines new year which starts on the 10th and goes for 15 days. 

Dad: That's ok that it didn't work out there is probably something better. Right now Singapore is getting ready for Chines New Year so that should be interesting.  I already had and appointment cancel on me due to it.  I haven't had too many chances to sing but I seem to project more now.  Michael always says no to choir but always seems to join one.

Michael: Trillionaire is and awesome goal.  But you still need to work on using the emodicons better.  I have a few on my  but that will have to wait for when you get .  So are things  there or are they .  What do you think about it all  Till next time.

Karlene: No, it is a parasitic plant growing on the tree.  It looked really wired so I thought you would like it.  Are you allowed to email at school?  Singapore is getting ready for the Year of the Snake to start to things are going to be interesting.

Faline: Your pants are too short.  You're going to be wearing Karlene's clothes by the time I get home.  What do you think of Deedee's new apartment?  You know you're not alowed to grow up while I'm away right?

Optical Illusion -- a 3-legged chair?

District picture

Neat-looking round building

Not sure what is floating out there


Singapore Arts Center

Looks like pretty pink roses

Books of Mormon in several different languages

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