Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 9, 2012

I applied to be a Tax Expert with Intuit, who makes Turbo Tax, Quicken, Quick Books, ProSeries and other financial software. I have a pretty good chance at this one, I think. It pays between $18 and $22/hr, 40 hrs/wk and all done remotely from home. I have the chance to earn up to $7,000 bonus at the end of the season if I meet or exceed my goals (whatever those will be). All I have to do is get a land line back in the house (I just recently went to Vonage for $12/mo instead of over $50/mo). They send me the phone. They have 13 days of paid training and it would probably start January 7th if they can't get me into their December class. Dad has to get his blood pressure under control (he didn't know he had high blood pressure until he went to get his DOT physical done) before anyone can hire him to drive but that shouldn't take long. I checked the Mormon Tabernacle Choir website again. Good news! I can audition until I'm 55 instead of 50, like I thought I remembered. I have to be within 100 miles of Temple Square. Moving to Utah within 7 years is a possibility, especially if Dad gets on driving truck. I can do Intuit anywhere I have a land line and can do taxes through the mail or email. Last night was Karlene's Christmas concert. It was pretty good. Then we went home and watched the new Spiderman movie. We didn't get to bed 'til 1:30am so I don't know whether we had our night prayer or morning prayer just before we went to bed. 

Treasure Valley Premier Singers with Karlene just to the right of the microphone stand

Depiction of the 1st Sunday School with Richard Ballantyne

Marsing 2nd Ward Christmas Party: Faline is the one standing on end on the right

Shells sang and Mom played "As Shepherds Kept Their Lonely Vigil" by Sally deFord

Mom helped the Young Women sing "Peace, Peace, Peace"

Karlene is in the red shirt with the glowing eyes!

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