Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012

Dad is applying to trucking companies now. WITCO decided he was no longer a fit for their company and let him go. Neither one of us are very concerned or worried. We're not panicking or anything. He's going to get his DOT (Dept of Transportation) physical tomorrow, which is the only thing not current besides his driving skills. We went to the temple this week, Dad three times and me two times. I prayed that I would know how to help Dad get his new position and what it should be. We had looked at two or three trucking companies before we went. All I could think about during the session, besides what I was supposed to, was how it would be different this time if he was driving over the road. I even tried to redirect my thinking to other jobs and went right back to trucking. Now, today, I heard him say he's looking forward to driving. I honestly can't picture him doing anything else. The missionaries came over Friday and asked us to list people we would like to pray for to join the church. Elder Ballard promised that if we pray for each name, individually, morning and evening in our family prayer that at the end of 21 days someone would be ready to hear the gospel. There was a list of scriptures to read as a family every day, too. Yesterday (Saturday, Dec 1st) was the Caldwell Christmas Light Parade. We went and watched it with Chris and Jeannie and their family. Afterward, they came over and we had Papa Murphey's pizza and watched Thor using the projector and the blueray surround sound system. Chris saw your picture of you sitting on the big chair (Mom has that as her wallpaper). He said, "Man, she is a beautiful girl!" I told him he should tell you that himself. We gave them the blog site to get your email so they can -- and they can keep up with what's happening. They probably will! He and Jeannie said that they've been thinking about you. Chris said he misses you. Nathan, their oldest, is now 16 and in the Air Force Civil Air Patrol. His unit was doing crowd control for the parade. Do you get to use Malay or do you mostly get to speak English? You never mention it so I thought I'd ask.

Alex, our fairly new kitten, has learned to jump up on our tall vanity and bother Crookshanks

One of the "floats" from the Caldwell Christmas Light Parade

Alex, at only 4 mos, is getting big!

A surprise under the tree

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