Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Wow so much.  Lots have happened here too.  I've been with Sister Gopinath for the past week due to Sister Noorda needing to be off her foot because she tripped hard.  I hope dad does well while training, I'm sure he will.  It hasn't been that long since he last drove truck.  Enjoy the pictures.  Sister Gopinath goes home soon so there is a chance that I might be going to KL (Kuala Lampor)(no I can't spell).  My exersize ball can be deflated if you come across the little pipe.  There are a few clothes in my closet and cestor drours that have haven't warn in a while that you can give a way just to give away too many of the pants because they are hard to come by in the right size and I'll need the dresses when I get home because I will probably wear my clothes to death here.  Alex is huge. Dad, You better watch out for those storms they just seem to get in the way of everything.  Be safe.  You'll have fun with that trager in your truck and maybe you don't need to eat out of a can so much.

Mom: Kuala Lumpur would be really cool! Dad hasn't driven that kind of truck in 17 yrs, so kinda long ago. 

Dad may need to get a bit of a reminder on the truck but I think he'll do good. Michael, What do you think of what is happening around there?  I can't wait to be a billionaire.  I can't wait to see more of Malaysia.  I think I'll still send you pictures a year from now. Karlene, What do you think about what mom is doing with getting everything all packed up?  Your cat is big.  Like the flower? Faline, You moved once but you were very small when we did it.  You don't need to be nervice because it will be a great adventure and you'll like the new place just as much as you like the old place.  I miss pizza and mac and cheese.  I tryed to make mac and cheese but I used mozorella and it is very bland.  

Jelly fish

Watch out for pirates!

Looking down from back of ship

Looks like fishermen. How would you like to sit perched like that for any length of time?

Missionaries watching the fish at the aquarium

Night time sidewalk

Cranes at the port

More good fortune?

Daytime of orange design

My, what a fuzzy tree!

Interesting flower

Summer spotted her shadow!

More of the coral reef at the aquarium

One more Christmas tree

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