Monday, June 17, 2013

June 2, 2013

Mom: Crookshanks is still really grumpy but we got him some soft food and he eats pretty good. He seems to be very skinny and doesn't like to be picked up or held or even hardly touched! He growls at everyone, especially Alex (though that's pretty much been since Alex came to our family). We don't let either cat outside.

Dad and I have jobs. Dad works for Sears, setting appointments for home improvement. I start tomorrow (for me) working for a credit repair company selling plans that help people get their financial lives back in order. Dad also has an interview tomorrow for another team where he would be selling DirecTV. I haven't really done selling for a living like this but I can get behind the product and know it helps people and that they aren't just throwing their money away on a whim.

I played in Sacrament meeting for the first time this week. I got a few compliments. We have a new Relief Society presidency, as of today. We'll see how that goes. They seem like really neat ladies. One of the counselors seems like she's about 70 yrs old. I've never seen someone that age in that position. I made sure the clerk put your information for people to write to you, if they want to, in the bulletin (he does that, too). Michael is singing with the youth next week for a mission farewell. The sister loves the hymn "As Sisters in Zion" so they are doing the same song that Michael did for his senior dinner in the Marsing 2nd ward. The girls sing the favorite hymn and the guys sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth." He's also singing with the young men for Father's Day, on the 16th.

The first picture is Faline and me standing in front of the mustard in the field where they had some pumpkins last year, on Tucker before you get to the dairy, the next one is the siblings in height order, and last is Alex just chillin' during the move.

We love you and will see you in a few months!

Dad: Utah seems to be pretty nice. Still a little hard to get used to it but we do get to go soak in the hot tub every other night if we want to. We're meeting a lot of nice people. I'm still eating too much. All in all things seem to be going pretty good.

The pictures are of Mom near a fishing pond a few miles away from our new place, group picture just before we moved and the pickup you said you didn't remember.

Michael: The stuff about the pictures was written by mom. When I do get my call I'll have to tell two wards were I'm going. You might be able to see Resa's kids. This week I went to look at the Brigram City Tempel.

The 1st picture is me with Cumorah, the next one is the three kids in front of the Brigham City temple (it's really tiny) and the last one is a cool rainbow during a nasty storm here in Utah.

Karlene: Wow these pictures are awesome I'll tell mom.Utah is more cramped then Idaho. I might be learning Chinese next year at school. I just got registered at Corner Canyon.

The 1st picture is me with my farewell poster and bouquet, 2nd is Sid Ballantyne and new wife (again) Renae, last is picture of Mom and her one piece of wedding cake. Alex is getting even bigger then ever. I get to go to another Youth Conference. Almost done packing, just a box and a bag away. Hope you are having a great time on your mission.

Faline: I believe that it's big enough for you. I got to watch some movies today. Can't quite remember the rest I did except for play Ratchet and Clank, the first one, twice. That's it.

This is the final picture of me with my volcano before we threw it away.

Michael and Cumorah

Beautiful rainbow in pretty bad storm in West Jordan

Karen by the River View Fishing Ponds

Family just before we left Idaho

Our pickup that Summer didn't remember

Michael, Karlene and Faline in front of Brigham City Temple. It's a lot smaller than it's design lets on!

Karlene and her farewell poster

Sid Ballantyne with new wife, Renae

Karen with her 'one' piece of wedding cake

Faline with her model of the volcano she made at school just before we threw it away

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