Monday, June 17, 2013

May 27, 2013

To Mom: So you met Schone (Bienvenidos).  Here he was Elder Schone.  He's cool and has some cool stories and I'm not just talking about fiction.  He was the longest serving missionary in the world till he got released.  Off the record:  My card will be expireing this coming month so I'll need a card sent to me and now I can use it.  I sent some pics to dad and Karlene.  I have about 3 months of Tonk Wai (I don't know if I spelled that right).  Now I have a way to have shakes for breakfast.  I got a shaker bottle and one of the senior couples left some Attain shake mix so I've been having that for breakfast but HerbaLife is better for the shakes by far.  I went to a Wedding reception, a river baptism and a huge birthday party this past week.  I also fell off my bike but only miner stuff.  How is Krookshanks doing? 

To Dad: When I get home I can work on reducing it.  You think you ate a lot I went to a birthday party on friday and ate lots there and on saturday I went to a wedding reception with an 8 cource meal.  I ate a whole octopus and fish lips.  The octopus was about 2/3 the size of your fist.  Also there was a baptism in the river in one of the neighboring branches that me and my companion went to for the beginning of it.  Oh, I fell off my bike this past week but no need to worry I only got a couple of bruises a sore shoulder (the other shoulder than what I hurt before) and a couple of friction burns.  The bus is what we rode in to get to the reception.  And here is a picture of where the baptism took place.

To Michael: Go swimming.  If your call is going to take its time getting there then go to the YSA ward but if it will be there soon you should stay in the Family ward.  What pickup?  I hope you go some where you can eat strange things too.  This past week I ate and entire octopus and fish lips. Yum. 

To Karlene: Here are some picture from the cave including the only fairy in the cave.  How's Utah?  Tell mom that I missed her email this week.  Oh, and tell her that the Malay Book of Mormon is available for download. 

To Faline: When I come across a fan tree I'll take a picture for you and send it.  Things are well here.  Everyone is getting ready for Hari Gawai.  It is the Iban harvest festible and takes about a month to celebrate.  Do you think I could go to the big kid play ground or am I too big?  I like Halloween too but not just for the candy.  Till next time.

The only fairy in the Fairy Cave

Picture of the cave

Reception bus

A baptism was performed in this stream

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