Monday, June 17, 2013

June 3, 2013

To Mom: I'm in Singapore for part of the week because of Zone Confrance and I'm on computer that is reliable. The last picture is Sister Bishop my current companion but at the end of the week I will have an additional companion and will be in a trio.  The other 2 pics are people in the branch on Gawai.  My additional companion's name is Sister Nielson.  I'm at the point in my mission where everything before was forever a go and the end is too soon for comfort. I have eaten more in the last couple days then I have in a months time for Gawai.

To Dad: You think you have been eating too much, try Hari Gawai with Ibans who will feed you till you puck.  Now I see the truck I remember it but for some reason I totally forgot about it.  Grandma's brown again.  This week is Zone Confrence so I'm in Singapore.  I know how you Love cats so here are some pictures of a cat statue and a picture of a silly little girl in my branch.

To Michael: You'll have to tell 2 wards and 1 mission (me).  The picture makes the Brigham City Temple look big.  Are her kids going to Idaho or Utah or Singapore/Malaysia?

To Karlene: Kuching is awesome and I fell off my bike again.  I did it shortly after I emailed you last week.  Sounds like you're going to as many parties as I am.  

To Faline: I promised you a picture of a fan tree and here are some cats to go with it.  Did you have fun with your volcano?  I bet you're being a big help to mom.  

Sister Bishop and Sister Ballantyne with members from Gawai Branch

Gawai Branch members

Silly Sister Bishop

Statue of cats at Kuching City Hall

Summer in front of statue at Kuching City Hall

Silly girl in branch with Summer

Fan tree

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