Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May 6, 2013

To Mom: Sister Tehrani doesn't like cats but she liked the picture of Alex in the toilet.  The baptism went well and now we are working to get her son baptized.  In Kuala Lampur the make really nice suits I hear so if Michael gets sent to India or Singapore it wont be hard for him to get suits there and also I would imagine in Japan he would find the right size.  I'll email later today because we are waiting to hear about transfers if I don't hear about transfers sooner.  I lost my camera cord so no pictures this week.  I got a sketch book in the MTC so when I get home you can check it out. Talk to you next week  It is so interesting to see how the missionaries have influenced the people here.  Some of the traditions we have at home you can tell were brought by others.  Plus Malaysia used to be a British colony and was influenced by that as well. My new companion is Sister Bishop and I will have all of Stampin, Kuching with her

To Dad: Here in Kuching they love to feed the missionaries more than the missionaries can eat.  I have so much trouble eating even half.  We are waiting for transfer news so that isn't helping. 

To Michael: I can't wait to hear where you're going and when you report.  Lots of biking and lots of finding less actives.  Be sure to write every week on your mission. 

To Karlene: You'll be fine and maybe cry about it later, like right after the concert.  You should be thinking now on if you want to serve a mission.  I think you'll like it.  

To Faline: I think you'll like Utah and you'll get to play with more cousins there.  Be sure that you do good in your school work.  Sorry, I'm really anxious about some of the news so I can't write much right now. 

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