Monday, June 17, 2013

May 26, 2013

Mom: Here we are in Utah. I got two callings today: Organist and Relief Society Accompanist. The one, I was expecting, the other, not too surprising. The organ is played by three different people so I will be playing about every 3 wks. I forgot to see if I get a key so, since I play next week, I'll need to find someone to let me in to practice or go on Wednesday night.

We have some of the stuff put away but we haven't unloaded the van, yet. Of course the car and pickup are empty. The kitchen is almost bursting, we have so much to put in it... and that's after leaving behind a bunch of stuff. It's nice that we have stuff in our pantry to eat, though.

I had 3 interviews last week and basically have my pick of those jobs if I want them. Two of them are call center jobs, one of them was with a temp agency. The temp agency is sending me on an interview Tuesday that I'm really hoping I get - Executive Assistant in a business consulting firm. I would be doing lots of things like taking minutes in meetings, filing, typing, correspondence, email, probably answering phones, as well as setting up travel for the executives for $12-15/hr. I also have another interview Tuesday for another job on the phones but is commission after the first 90 days setting up credit repair. It's warm outbound calls (meaning they requested that we call them). The top performers make $17/hr but to start it's $10/hr. I think that the Exec Asst job would match what I want to do better in both responsibilities and schedule.

I went to deposit a couple of checks on Friday and met your district leader, Elder (Jeremy) Bienvenidos, at the bank. He's a teller at our bank and saw the last name. He asked if I know Summer and I said that you were my daughter. He said that he was your district leader while you were in Singapore. Pretty cool! He said that you were the only girl that writes to him weekly and vice versa. He seems like a nice guy.

I won't be able to register your car in Utah because I don't have a power of attorney from you. I guess that can wait until you get home. I already have my Utah license. They give you a piece of paper until DMV mails your permanent license, like Idaho does. Maybe it's a national thing.

We have an appt for Karlene to register for school on Tuesday. The schools here don't get out until next week, I think. She should get a chance to audition for Chamber Choir before then. We're waiting to hear about Michael's call. I had to get the doctor who did his physical to call Bro Coon and give him the answer to one of the questions that was skipped on the medical form and then Pres Christensen was sending it off.

Alex is learning new things. He opened the patio door and had almost squeezed out under the privacy wall when I caught him. We have to keep that door locked when we're not out there. He's starting to be more verbal but is really too big to sit in the window sills. They are kinda narrow.

Since Dad is not driving we're trying to lose the weight we got off before and keep it off. Remind me if you need anything?

I'll send pictures next time.

Dad: Hope things are going well for you. Well, today is Sunday and I think I ate too much. I'm rolling around like a walrus out of water. Yesterday, we went to a baptism for one of Matt & Lori's kids, Matthew. They are our cousins, children of Ed & Clea's. They're here in Draper, too, only on the other side of the mountain from us. Yesterday I tried to put our clock that makes music -- it fell. It still keeps time but doesn't sing anymore. Maybe we'll get a new one. I found out that there's a store that sells this kind of clock here in Draper. Boy, I really ate too much but it was really good: pork roast, potatoes and carrots with orange drink. Before we left Caldwell, we packed up all your stuff and put it in Dee Dee's old room for your grandparents to pick up. Boy! You have a lot of stuff! 

Michael: I'm tired. We made it safely to utah, and I got to bring down the pickup. So what is the one thing you would do before your mission? Church was great but I think I should go to the YSA ward instead. That is all I got, so till next time

Karlene: wow that sounds like fun! Krookshanks is actually started getting on Faline's bed. Can't wait to see the pics.

Faline: How's it going? Well, without regular TV it's not that great because I don't get to play video games. Anyways, I'm at the apt and it can be really snowy out here. I checked last time it was winter. Though I like Halloween and Christmas. When it's Christmas I like getting presents and Halloween because I get lots of candy. There are a few different playgrounds here. The one out front is kinda small but there are bigger ones, too. I found the playground for big kids and it has a twister slide that's really fun! I got to see another part that's under construction. It had a long slide which is open and a rock climb. Can you take a picture of one of those fan trees?

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