Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May 20, 2013

To Mom: This email will be short because this internet place has terrible computers.  I'll send more pictures next time because I should be at better computers.  Today we went to Fairy Cave which was really cool.

To Dad: I love Kuching, I love my mission.  I'll send you pictures next time because the computers are not working.  The people hear are great and so is Sarawak.  Maybe they want to help out any way they can before
the move. 

To Michael: Now all that's left is the call....  Maybe I'll get to meet our cousins next time they are on their way to see Resa.  Now an elder, sounds like things are moving right along.  I'll be sending pictures next week too.  

To Karlene: That is just grose (the picture of the gum wall).  Next week I should be able to send you pictures. You'll do fine.  How is Krookshanks doing?  Today we went spelunking.

To Faline: Just a little rain.  I get rained on every day and it is enough rain that it comes up to the bottom of my peddles on my bike.  Soon you'll be at the new place and things will get unpacked.  I think you'll like the new place.  Till next time.

Elders in Summer's mission

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