Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May 19, 2013

Mom: It was really nice to get to see and talk to you last week! We are writing early since I'm turning off the internet today. We are almost done packing. I still have a few things in your room to pack, Karlene needs to pack her room, starting after her last day of school, today. Michael has his room packed. Our room still needs to be finished then we have the garage and sheds. I'm not very concerned about the sheds because most of the stuff in those hasn't been used in a while anyway. I'm not keeping the Christmas stuff, except maybe a tote.

Dad is no longer driving. That's kinda good because, again, he was away from home too much. We'll figure out something new to do down in Utah. Michael's done with his mission papers and the Stake Pres sent them in. We'll see how long it takes to get them back.

Karlene earned her Young Womanhood award and will receive her medallion on Sunday, our last time in Marsing 2nd Ward. I'll be singing for the last time as a member of the ward, too. Dee Dee and Resa will come to listen. Of course, Dad can be there, too, since he's not traipsing around the country. I'll miss our ward but I'm sure the new one will be good, too.

Chris's wife and children came to see Resa so I finally got to meet them. Their picture is below. Also, a picture I sketched on a Post-It note.

I finally got paid for my work with Intuit so I could pay the rent. The management at Allegro refunded the late fees yesterday! Pretty cool of them. I look forward to getting to soak or swim every day and just enjoy not having to take care of this big house anymore.

There may be some other things I should tell you but I can't think of any right now.

Love you, and pray for you daily!

I forgot to mention that we're leaving for Utah tomorrow. Your stuff will go to Grandma's until we come up and get it later. They are taking the metal shed and Bill is taking the red barn. 

I just finished the book of Alma so I'm about 2/3 of the way through the Book of Mormon for the year. If I stick with it I will finish well before the end of the year. 

It will be such a relief to be moved finally and get our new life started. Michael applied for work at Boondocks, we'll see if he gets anything out of it. There are lots of places down there that are hiring so I'm sure we'll have no trouble with employment once we start looking.

Dad: Today's been a pretty big day but Michael should tell you about it. They've transferred our records so the last half of church we were just visitors. The house is a mess. Our home teachers are coming over, but I'm not sure why since we're not in the ward anymore. Hope you're having a great time.

Michael: This is Mom since Michael can't keep his eyes open. He had a date yesterday with Jacob and the Clapier kid and their dates. Michael's girl was named Kathy but that's all I know. Chris & Jeannie came over with their children and then Michael and Jacob were joined by Nathan for "Ironman 3" at Edwards'. I think they had fun, Michael came in after Midnight.

This morning, around 7:45 am, our High Councilman, Bro Lloyd, called and let Michael know he was to be ordained an elder today so I let Dad know so he could brush up on his ordination prayer. It was 'Ballantyne's Day' at church. Michael became an elder, Karlene got her Young Womanhood medallion and I sang. It was pretty cool! Now we're just waiting for Michael's call. They updated Michael's priesthood office and then transferred our records to River View 5th Ward. We found out there's a new bishop who was called on May 5th. Instead of Bishop Welling it's Bishop King.

I think that's all the excitement for the day. I'll send pictures next week.

Karlene: I agree with you, it is grose. I am done with school for the year after today. Alex is still getting  bigger. Allergies are driving me crazy.
I survived the week so far still have Saterday, Sunday left.

Faline: There's not much to tell. I'm bored. All the movies and games are packed. Grandma Doris came over and it rained a little yesterday.

Britta, Chris' wife, with children

Resa, Britta and children with Faline

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