Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 3, 2013

Hi Summer,

Well, we were disqualified for the apt because someone was so dim-witted as to think that Dad would get unemployment all year, even though he's now employed. So I'm taking Cumorah and going down tomorrow to see if I can get another one. It's earlier than I wanted to start paying rent but this other apt I'm looking at is almost 200 sq ft bigger and I don't have to jump through hoops to get it. Karlene would be going to a new high school that opens this coming fall, Corner Canyon High School. I'm still not sure what to do with Faline.

Dad has been several places since last time. He's been to Portland, OR, Bellingham, WA, Salt Lake City, UT (on the way through he stopped for a bit so we could see him), New Mexico, Kansas City, KS and should be on his way to Cheyenne, WY today. I talk to him at least once a day but he did leave his cell phone in Washington which had to be overnighted to SLC but he had to leave before it got there. He'll get it next time he gets back to SLC. In the mean time, he uses his trainer's phone. Both of us use Verizon so it's a free call for us and probably JD (his trainer).

I took Crookshanks in to the vet. He wasn't eating very well and when he did, he was throwing it up. Also, he was losing weight. He weighed 6.8 lbs, a little more than half Alex's weight. When the vet looked in his mouth (his breath was worse than usual) and he had infection on both sides back where his cheek meets his jaw. I feed him soft, high-calorie food, 1 can total per day. I feed him about 4 times during the day. The first feeding I also sprinkle L-Lysine from a casule onto his food. This helps make sure that the bacteria can't reproduce. Crookshanks got a shot of antibiotics while he was there to kill the infection and then we take him back for teeth-cleaning in a couple weeks. The last thing I do is squirt mouthwash in his mouth after he eats. He hates that part because it causes him to drool and he doesn't like the taste but he's getting better. I'm going to have to find another kind of food to feed him. He still throws up his old food.

I finally got the windshield replaced on your car. Karlene got her hair cut, as you will see, as well as Faline. They have similar cuts now. 

From Michael: You know your only out there for 18 months, I'll be out for a full 2 years. now you thought you'll be tiered how do you think I'll feel. Good news, we got your car a new wind shield, now we don't have to look over a crack to the road a head. O, I don't jest sleep like that after camp outs anymore.

From Karlene: mom took us to town yester day. Faline and I both got a hair cut. my cat is about 12 pounds.

From Faline: I'm on my way over to Heather and Tracy's for a couple of nights. We celebrated my birthday and Grandma's with the family. Next Sunday, my actual birthday, will be celebrated in Salt Lake, hopefully in our new apt. I think I'm going to have a great time at Tracy's. I love you so much but wish you were here right now with me. It's been a hard time with Karlene and Michael.

Karlene's new short haircut

Faline's new cut

Updated picture of Summer's cat, Crookshanks

New windshield being prepared

On it goes

All better!

Silly face from Michael

Here's a picture of the apt I'm trying to get tomorrow.

I love the fact that all the bedrooms have walk-in closets so we have enough storage for whatever. The mud room has room for the washer and dryer and probably the freezer. Also, the pantry is the width of the kitchen. I still might not get this but I like this plan even better than the other one we lost out on. If they don't have an apt available I have 3 backup locations from Ogden down to Draper. This one is in Draper, River View 4th Ward, Draper Utah River View Stake, Draper Temple district.

Also, we are all headed back down to SLC next Friday to be with Dad. His trainer is getting some dental work done on Saturday so they will be spending the weekend in the valley. If we have our new apt, we'll be sleeping there.

Sis Wilson looks like a fun companion! We will not be far from Matt & Lori's or Glenn & Carrie's (since they live in the same neighborhood) if we get this apt in Draper.

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