Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 9, 2013

Hi Summer,

I'm using the free wifi at Barnes & Noble in Sandy? to write this week. We are staying in our new apt, which I rented Monday. It's closer to the freeway than the other one and has a hot tub, which we soaked in last night in the rain. Dad is here for the weekend so we bought a mattress set and the rest of our furniture. It's not the same stuff I sent pictures of, it's less expensive and will be just as good. We asked Carrie to help deliver the mattress last night so we had something to sleep on. We got it next door, at Ashley Furniture. There are a few stores within sight of our apt complex. The rest is coming from RC Willey on March 27th, during Spring Break. Our new address is 292 W Galena Park Blvd #1211, Draper UT 84020.

I'm going with Karlene to Seattle at the end of April when she goes with Children's Chorus to competition. They are singing Wade in the Water, Ku Ku, She's Like the Swallow, Lux Aeterna,  Simple Gifts, My Wish for You, and Kyrie. The last trip with Walkers. Oh, by the way, they just moved to Weiser. I just got done with their taxes.

Cumorah came down with me Monday. That's her resting under the built-in shelf. I know the picture doesn't show much. I'll send more later, when I have my own internet and have my camera. The camera is back at the apt.

Sunday is Faline's birthday and Grandma's is Tuesday so we celebrated while everyone was there last Sunday. The extra-long twin bunks are gone as is the dining table and our 5 cloth chairs. There is a sister in our ward who doesn't have anything so I thought that would be a good way to help out. Michael has his interview with the bishop again next Friday. Hopefully everything will ge a go so the papers will be forwarded on for his mission.

We're planning on going to our new ward tomorrow. I won't have internet or I would have waited until after that to write to you and tell you all about it. Glenn & Carrie came over and looked at the apt and said that we're probably only 20 mins from 5 different temples: Oquirrh Mountain, Jordan River, Draper, Mt Timpanogos and probably Salt Lake. Provo isn't much more than that, I don't think.

From Dad: I'm sitting here with your mom at Barnes & Noble. Things are going pretty good. We just went shopping yesterday and got all kinds of new furniture but it won't come until the 27th, when Mom is down again. Hope you're doing well.

From Michael: Yes, I am still weighting for the call to serve, and I'm haven't really been studying up on preach my gospel, which I know I need to be. I might change my hair cut I might not. So what is Singapore like this time of year, what is it like teaching.

From Karlene: ok, so i only looked tough because i wasn't wearing a head band. the new place has got huge closets and weird light switches i found a cool puzzle, the kind that you like. a disney pprincess is lovely, kind, smiley, balanced, graceful, and caring.
that what you were looking for? oh and they are also good singers.
i slept in my closet in the new place and mom thinks that i am crazy because i slept on the floor that has cement under it.

From Faline: Yes they are. I know I'm turning into a red head. I'm building a pyramid with Duplo Lego's here at Barnes & Noble. I'm doing alright. I like the new apt. The playground is right outside our door! I got some clothes, got to soak in the hot tub, and a movie, Wreck-It Ralph for my birthday. How are you doing?

Mom, Karen, sitting in magazine section using free WiFi inside Barnes & Noble

Cumorah found a comfortable place in our new apartment!

We're not sure what to put on these shelves in the dining room. Maybe pictures.

Grandma and Faline celebrate their upcoming birthdays

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