Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 4, 2013

Poor Crookshanks, I hope he gets better.  The 1st picture is me and my new companion, Sis Wilson.  The 2nd is the enterance to Chines gardens, and 3rd is a couple of rocks I found.  I should tell you about newtela, it is realllllllllllllllllllllly good and I use it like peanut butter.  Have you ever heard of David Archeleto?  Aperintly he is from Midvale UT.  In Draper we wouldn't be very far from Mat and Lori's.  We have been finding alot of people lately and I'm getting better at contacting but I have got a long way to go.  I am also trying to find out who I really am not who others want me to be and I'm finding that harder than talking to people.  My communication skills suck but they're getting better. Say hi for me to dad.  My memory cards are filling up fast.  I filled the 8 and one of the 4GB and half way on the other then I'll work on the 16GB.  So I may not be sending banyak (lots) of pictures but I'll have lots for lator and I still have a while before I'm through. 

To Michael: I'll sleep for a week and a half and you'll sleep for 2 weeks.  Are you still waiting for your call?  Where are you in PMG (Preach My Gospel)?  Are you going to stick with the buzz cut or are you going to change it up any?  You'll love your mission.

To KarleneYour hair cut makes you look tough when your not smiling  Smile :) Your cat is getting big and mine is getting old, oh well.  How do you like you new do?  Alright, I have some home work for you.  You need to right down all the characteristics of a Disney Princess then mail me that list.  

To Faline: Are they that terrible?  How do you like your hair?  Don't worry next time you have a birthday I'll be there.  Plus I'll be bringing home a present for you.  Grandma looks different from when I left.  Hope your birthday is a good one. P.S. Your turning into a red head.

Sister Ballantyne and Sister Wilson

Chinese Gardens entrance

A couple of rocks Summer found

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