Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 11, 2013

I can't see the pictures today because the computer that I'm on this time can't show them to me.  This past week I got an idea of what people here think of U.S. politics and its isn't the same as Amaricans.  Scratch that 1st sentance I found a way to see the pictures.  this past week for service me and 4 other sisters cleaned a former elders apartment and this 1st picture is a before of their bath room the next picture is me in Indonesia.  I went there for a couple of hours friday. We spent 2 days cleaning that apartment and we refuse to do it again if it is that bad but the elders got in for it.  Oh well  that place has been in use for years.  Medan is where in Indonesia I was neat but all these guys kept trying to get us to ride with them on their moto's.  The next pic is me and sis black infront of trafic.

Just to verify you've got this apartment and won't need to look for another, right?

To Dad: All is well here in a chaotic kind of way, never know what the next hour will bring.  I now have 3 countries in my passport.  How is trucking going? P.S. here is a picture from Medan

To Michael: Singapore is hot and wet, with or without rain (hehe).  teaching is interesting because it is different for each person, usually it is like teaching small childeren no matter how old they are.  you'll need to send me a picture of your new hair and get on studying PMG.

To Karlene: Don't worry about the type of floor as long as you can sleep on it.  You'll need to send me a picture of the switches and the puzzle.  What do you think of the new place?  

To Faline: I'm doing good.  Sounds like fun to have a playground right outside.  Maybe when I get home I'll watch Wreck-It Ralph with you.  I'll send you some cool pictures from Pulau Ubin (Granite Island). 

Infamous bathroom


Sister Ballantyne and Sister Black


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