Tuesday, March 19, 2013

February 24, 2013

From Mom: Well, I finally put Dad on a truck Thrusday morning. His trainer is JD and they seem to be getting along pretty well, which is good because they will be together for about 6 mos, I think. He's from Ogden but isn't LDS. Dad would like to take your laptop with him so he can Skype me and look at emails and the blog every once in a while, is that okay with you? I think he will be careful with it. He left his cell phone (Dee Dee's phone) at the hotel so they will mail it to Salt Lake. I'll try to find the charger for the old Razzle so he has something he can call me on. Since he doesn't have his phone he won't have a letter tonight.

I'm still getting overwhelmed with what I have to do and just wish some brave soul would have some time to help me sort, etc, so I'm not doing it all by myself. I gave a bunch of pens and pencils to the ward library and will only keep a few (for the amount I usually have) for the move.

I found an LDS-based curriculum that I'm going to start Faline on March 1st. If it works, I'll buy it. I'm pulling her out of Connections Academy since she's just not succeeding and I don't really have 5-6 hrs/day to sit by her and hold her hand through her lessons.

It snowed again yesterday but all melted by lunch time, except for the side of the house that doesn't get sun this time of year. A wind or microburst came up Friday or Saturday night and took out the evergreen trees at the chapel. A couple months ago or more the trees at the Stake Center had the same demise. The picture of the church is below. One picture is of the outside of Florentine Villas. Our apt is going to be the one right next to the word "Why", in the top left apt of the building. The last picture is of the Walkers with Bruce on one knee asking if Linda would be his valentine  Another picture is the volcano that they built at Glenn & Carrie's for a ward activity and contest. The last one is of the decorations at Anda's reception.

I had two people comment on the same day about how nice my handwriting is. One of them said that it looks professional and may come get her taxes done with me. I will soon have access to Herbalife again. Once I pay off my buy-back amount and my annual renewal fee I will be able to get your Tang Kui and get the mint chocolate shakes back in the house.

From Michael: No, the smoke alarms went off at home, but the wedding made it nice to see family. the theory goes as follows; the dust built up on the sensor, thus giving the imitation of smoke. going to Singapore is doubtful because your there and people might get confused between my name and Elder Valantine. Do me a favor and don't show the spelling to Elder. O, I'm also know the new YSA rep for the ward.
Until Sometime in 2014 or 15 Love to See You, Michael

From Karlene:  alex grew while we were in Utah. faline is punching me... not to hard. i got into track and can't feel my legs or my butt. i hope your having fun.

Glenn & Carrie had help making a volcano for their ward snow competition. One came from as far away as Texas!

Exterior view of Florentine Villas. The apt above the red banner is going to be ours!

There used to be 3 or 4 big evergreens here, in front of the church. A microburst took them out.

The gym was decorated so cute for Dan and Anda's reception, in American Fork, UT.

"Will you be my Valentine?" asked Bruce of Linda during a Treasure Valley Children's Chorus rehearsal on the 14th.

Lovely picture of Dan and Anda

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