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March 17, 2013


We won't need to look for another apt, I rented this one in Draper. I'm taking the big stuff and as much as I can fit that I don't need down to Draper next weekend. Cumorah will drive the truck, I will drive the Focus and Dee Dee will drive her car so she can bring Cumorah back. The rest of us will be spending the week there, during Spring Break.

We found out we went to the wrong ward last week. The apartment complex is divided between 3 wards. Our new ward is River View 5th ward which meets at 1pm. Our temple district is Draper and we're in the Draper Utah River View Stake. I called and talked to the Elders' Quorum President and asked if he could get a crew ready to help us unload the truck next Saturday. Our elders quorum will help us load up. I sent some pictures of the apt. Also, the birthday party we had at Carrie's for Faline and a picture of Michael looking at some guns Matt's brother brought to show off last time we were down there, staying at their house.

Karlene, Faline and I are singing in a mother/daughter choir for a special stake women's conference for ages 8 and up to be held in April. It should be very nice.

Michael is waiting a little longer but hopefully we will know if his papers will be forwarded before the end of the week. President Christensen said that once he gets them he schedules his interview and then sends them off so it should be soon! Michael has an assignment and then everything will be set.

From Dad: Let's see. I went to the world's largest truck stop in Wilcox, IA. There were 3 trucks inside that were just for decoration! It's huge. Also, one of the trucks had a full-sized trailer. I didn't even go upstairs. I understand they have a public library, dentist, drivers' lounge, barber, probably showers and laundry. Everything was big and very expensive. It was mostly junk but the restaurant had good food. I bought a cushion for my backside because the seats in the truck are hard. A couple days before that we got stopped in Laramie, WY because the highway was closed for snow, ice and wind. There were a bunch of trucks all over that had been blown off or slid off the freeway on Interstate 80. There were a lot of crumpled trailers and one with the top torn off that was carrying onions. That was on the way to New Jersey. I'm in Salt Lake and getting ready to go right back to New Jersey and then to Maryland.

From Michael: I didn't a picture of the hair cut, maybe next time. This up coming friday will be the first time i see the apartment, and I will be going down in the moving truck with camorah. Good news is the onion shed is slowing down soon for the season and I will be layed off in the second week in April.

From Karlene: the new lace is fine. i can't get a picure yet we need to get back in Utah for that mom might have a picture of the switches. Alex looks and acts like a dog. i caught him chasing his tail the other day.
(The switches don't look weird, the switch closest to the door is not the one that turns on the light! The 2nd one does. The 1st one turns on one or more of the outlets in that room. Mom)

From Faline: Well, not much has happened. Today our brother, Michael, has been mean to me. Mom told me to do the dishes so, after Mom left, Michael got really mean and hurt my arm. I got to stay with Dee Dee overnight Thursday, while Mom & Karlene went to Ontario. That was fun. I went with Dee Dee and Mom to the senior center in Emmett and have lunch Friday. I didn't like corned beef and cabbage but they had good applesauce. Friday night we all saw The Hobbit in 3-D at the Reel. Hope you have fun!

This is our new building, right behind the playground

Living area

Happy 10th birthday, Faline!

Glenn & Carrie with Maddie and Ellie

Matt's brother showing off new gun to Dad, Michael and Elise

Dad, Brett, standing by one of three semis parked inside the world's largest truck stop in Wilcox, IA. This one has trailer attached, the others are just the tractors.

View from the restaurant of part of the sales floor

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