Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 9, 2013

Hi Summer,

I like what I will be doing. I'm going to help people get their credit under control. Dad applied, we'll see how that goes. You might be interested in it when you get back until you start school.

Bishop Parry called last week and said that Michael's call had been issued. We should know next week where he's going. 

Karlene's starting to invite friends of hers over. It's nice to meet some of them. Alyssa and Kate came over last night and went swimming and then played Wii games on the wall. We don't have a tv but the wall works great!

There are some colorful people who live in our apt complex. Some we'd just as soon not associate with. We went to soak in the hot tub and ended up waiting an hour for some inebriated guys to get out and then some gay guys got in. We soaked for only about 5 mins because they were talking about their alternate lifestyle to the point it was nauseating. 

We need to get to church so I better go. If anything amazing happens at church I'll write again.

Dad said to say:
Hi Summer, we went to the temple last night for ward temple night. Although the session was full, I don't know how many of the members of the ward came 'cause I don't know the members of the ward very well. Your mom recognized a couple of people, but there weren't very many. I guess next time we go there's a good chance Michael will be going, too. That's all for this week.

Michael: They will going to Washington. The temple is only big because the is some sort of an optical allusion. If I send a photo it would be leaving you in question why I took it. This week I should get my call, so I'll let you know. I am so looking forward to the day that the smell from the litter- box is gone.

Karlene: no just those ones. all of it ended when we got to Utah. Alex started talking (not like humans) he is finally making noise once and a while. He is not familiar with Utah or the fact that he can't go outside.  I got a hold of my friend here and she took me to her concert for the end of the year. after she sang the band and orchestra played all of the songs for Pirates of the Carabiean. They were awesome compared to Vallivue.

Faline: The fan tree is really cool! I can do a backwards somersault now. I went swimming a couple times. The cats are neat too. You know I like cats. Crookshanks got an infection a while ago and he's still acting the same way with Alex, hissing, growling, etc.

Mom: I guess I need to pay more attention to the general presidencies of the church. Today, the 2nd counselor in the general relief society visited our ward for a farewell. She was part of the family of the sister's parents. Sister Anderson is going to be serving in the Missouri Independence Mission, specifically in the visitor's center. There are farewells almost every week for a while.

I think you went to the Draper Temple just before you went into the MTC. Now, that's our temple. We went last night for ward temple night. The Relief Society president who was just released was there with her husband as well as one other brother from the ward. Not too big a turnout but there were two young men getting their endowments for the 1st time in our session, preparing for their missions.

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