Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 29, 2013

From Mom: Since I'm using Steven's computer I'm not sending you pictures but I'll send some next week. It's been fun seeing people at the reunion but there are several people not here. Louis just got remarried last weekend and decided it would be too overwhelming to bring her to such a big event. There aren't very many people here so I don't think it would be so bad for her. Edward and Leah didn't come this time because Edward has a new job and they already came up here in February for their daughter's wedding. Flent & Amy didn't come because Flent had some kind of important meeting back home. Logan and Steven are here so that's fun! Logan has been spending time with his big brother in Utah and they are staying up in Idaho until the 5th. A lot of Ed's family is here but not Judd, who has a new girlfriend after his divorce, after his illness he wasn't able to get the time off from work, and Jake & Jeremy (the EMT) had to work. Nolan, Lureta and Bill and their families aren't here either for various reasons.

At work, I'm doing well! I have the most sales for my class, after a week on the phones. I really enjoy it and know it's helping the people I sign up for our services. Dad doesn't love his job but it makes the money for now. He'd like to be more busy so he's continuing his job hunt. Michael isn't looking very hard but should work over the summer. He'll need to get the battery checked on the van so he doesn't have to keep getting a jump.

I'm going to keep this short so I can visit some more. We stay until Sunday afternoon. Dee Dee wants us to come by as does Cumorah tomorrow. Cumorah didn't sound too positive about being able to come to the reunion because of work.

Are any of the ward members writing to you? Just curious. I can tell from the questions I get that most of the family isn't writing.

We love you and think about you often!

From Dad: Well, we're all up at the family reunion. We went on a hike and tried to walk up to Eagle's Nest, took a wrong turn and went to the wrong peak. Bill & Erin went up there on the 4-wheeler last night and had a tough time finding it and then a hard time finding their way back. They got back after dark. We lucked out ... we're all sleeping in beds in the loft. They are building the new barn up here. It's pretty nice, they have these big posts in the middle that are about 12" X 12" holding the roof up. You have to be careful not to lean against them because they are pitchy (sap is coming out, called curing). They made most of the lumber themselves out of some of the trees from around here. It will take about 6 mos to cure the posts. They need a little more ventilation in the roof because it gets hot even though it's open.

I'm going to let Faline write to you. I'll have Mom send pictures next time.

From Michael: And oranges, and I've never been to Asia. We're headed to the reunion, it's going to be fun.

From Karlene: Well youth conference was fun and boreing at the same time. I didn't like the doorms or the dead sounds. The huge and frogs all were quiet from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AMI also got a farmer's tan. I look funkey, my nose is bright red andI look like prince tsuko from avatar the last air bender. My back started peeling and I asked mom to help in the spots that I can't reach, she found a few sits near my burn. After shewas done with the sits around the burn I fouund one in the middle of the burn and with a little pain poled it. Well the doorms were small and the beds were stiff. The campppus was also too complicated.

From Faline: We got 10 chickens from Bill that we gave to him to raise. (From Dad) I got to see Whitney again. I got to play in the canoe with a little garder snake. I don't know really what else to say.

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