Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 16, 2013

Mom: Howdy!

Michael's call finally came. I'll let him tell you where. I passed off the first perfect call for my training class, yay! I get to work next Sunday so I can have the weekend off for the family reunion the following weekend. Hopefully your card gets to you soon, I mailed it about 2 wks ago with some Solace from doTERRA. It has directions on how to use it on the label.

I'm going to sing next month and they asked us to talk next week but we can't since I'm working so it will have to wait until August, with so many missionary farewells coming up. July 1st is the day Tabernacle Choir applications open so I'll be working on that soon.

Michael's new email address will be michael.ballantyne@myldsmail.com, if you couldn't have guessed. 

Dad: Not much has happened this week. I've been asked to help clean the church again. Michael got his mission call, we'll let you hear it from him. 

Michael: I got my call to the Chesapeake, Virginia mission. I leave September 18 of this year. The call came on Thursday. That is really all that is exciting this week.

Karlene: So are you liking the school you will be going to next year?  Does your cat sound like a kitten?  I hope you're making lots of friends.  Mom said that you had some friends over this last week.

Faline: Well, there's a new and visiting family in my class in Primary today. I've been watching educational movies, Magic School Bus. I got to drink my new shake from Melaleuca with regular hot chocolate - it was good! 
That's it for this week!

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