Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 10, 2013

To Mom & Dad: People are starting to come back from kompon and from Gawai celibrations.  They should be all back this week since school started again today.  With living in Utah you will probably see a lot of general authorities.  Right now I'm in a trio till transfers which we will find out about next week.  Oh, also now we are covering 3 areas but it is only temperary.  If you talk to Schone about what happened on his mission all I can say is he's Schone. 

To Michael: The litter box won't stop smelling till the thing is thrown out.  Can't wait to hear about your call.  Go a head and send the picture anyway, I might have one to trump it. 

To Karlene: So are you liking the school you will be going to next year?  Does your cat sound like a kitten?  I hope you're making lots of friends.  Mom said that you had some friends over this last week. 

To Faline: Glad you liked the pictures I sent you.  Crookshanks doesn't like other cats.  How are you?  Do you like the new place?  I bet you're having a blast in your new ward. 

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