Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 24, 2013

To Mom: I think I'm getting better, I'm not sure.  Here are some pictures of some of the families in the branch and a picture of a butterfly the size of Faline's face almost.  There will be Youth Conference here in November and all of the youth of Sarawak is getting ready for it.  Sister Nielson has a new companion and she is from Indonaisa, her name is Sister Simon.  With her in the house maybe all of our language will improve while we help her with her english.  Be sure to take lots of pictures at the reunion and send them to me.  Next week we might be having a baptism. 

To Dad: I haven't seen it yet and haven't heard any announcements for it so it might take some time to get it translated into Malay.  I've been picking up a little bit of Iban but when they talk in only Iban I don't understand any of it.  Most of the people in the branch are Iban and Malay is there 2nd language most of the time, some times they only speak Iban.  Next week we might be having a baptism and she is Indonaisan. 

P.S. Here is a picture from FHE (MK) and Chiken Feet

To Michael: It is nice and hot here but you'll get all 4 seasons.  I have rambutan, durian, and snake fruit, you'll have apples.  But I've never been to the East Coast.  You'll have fun there.

To Karlene: Of course I'm having fun.  This wouldn't be as interesting if I wasn't.  You should have gotten a picture of your 2 face burn.  I have zig zag tan lines on my feet.  What was it about Utah State you didn't like?  I heard you went to Youth Conference, how was it? 

To Faline: There are lots of interesting people here but email wouldn't do them justice.  I'm doing well.  One of the Sisters had her mom send be a small packet of Velvita Cheese (yum).  Here are some pictures of some interesting things I saw, 1 is Chicken feet and the other 2 are large butterflys.  I hope you like the pictures.  I'm still working on liking the chicken feet.  One of our members made them for us.

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