Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 23, 2013

From Mom: Well, I completed my training and started officially on the floor. I made 3 sales today including a double, which for some is quite a fete. I'm hoping I can exceed the sales I've seen most of the new people put up so that I can earn my commission instead of my hourly pay. I work with some very good people. I really enjoy helping people start to get back into good credit and improve their lives. I'm working my days off this week so I can go the the Simpson Family Reunion next weekend. We're going to leave right after work on Thursday. I already told Grandma that we wanted the loft in the cabin reserved for our family.

Karlene went to Youth Conference this week. I can't tell if she really enjoyed it or not. She met a guy from Georgia who was visiting and made friends with him. They did a 'ropes' course which was like mountain climbing and rock climbing. They had to work with others to accomplish some of the tasks and had belayers, just like when Flent brought the repelling equipment to the family reunion a couple years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing the new barn. They took down the other one, I think. It will also be fun to see the family again.

How are you doing with your language? Better, since I haven't seen you mention it in a while, I would guess. 

Here's a picture of Alex in my lap. I don't think he's growing but I can't tell. He's a pretty solid cat!

From Dad: I guess I have a new calling. I'm the new Ward Assistant Building Coordinator. I think there are 3 assistants and no one in charge. It has to do with cleaning the building, which I did in Marsing.  You may have seen it already, I don't know, but I'm not sure when they will broadcast it in Malaysia, it was a program out of Provo about missionary work, a World Leadership Broadcast. Now, if the church members can keep the excitement going that will be great! Nothing else really new. Michael and I went to the Stake Center to see the broadcast.

From Michael: What do mean you don't envy me the east coast isn't that bad. Anyway, I look forward going into the temple, I don't know which one to get my endounmance though.

From Karlene: I went to Utah State University for the weekend and decided that if I go to colledge it wouldn't be there. I got a wacky sunburn on the first day. My burn was only on half my face so I laugh about it and call myself two face. When I got home it looked like I just got burned around my eye. But I still have that two face burn. I hope you are having fun.

From Faline: I got to go swimming this week. Mom took me. I also helped clean the stake center, our chapel, yesterday. There were a bunch of shows that were fun to watch this week. Yes, she was a pretty girl - she didn't talk to me but she only talked to the teacher. How are you doing? Have you met any interesting people?

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