Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 20, 2013

Mom: A lot has happened this week. Dad didn't get the local job because their insurance would cost them too much so we're probably, most likely moving to Utah. Wednesday morning around 2:20am, we left for Salt Lake to go apt hunting. I had set up  appts based on 2 hrs between visits just in case it took that long over 2 days. We ended up seeing all 7 apts on the first day. There were 3 places we liked but one that Dad kept thinking of as his first choice. The only draw-backs are that we can't use the Traeger there (city fire code for rentals) and that there isn't a hot tub, only a pool and fitness room. The 3-br was really nice and bigger than all the rest we had see for similar price. The laundry room was the only one we saw that would fit Dee Dee's washer & dryer with room to spare! Also, it was the only one that fit our current dining room table. Once we take possession of the apt they will paint one wall an accent color. We may pay $60 extra to get one additional wall painted at the same time.  There is one coming open on April 3rd and I would have to take it by the 13th. It's right next to the TRAX station (public transportation train that now goes a lot of places more than the original) which is just at the bottom of some stairs just off that apt's stairwell and is on the 3rd floor so it has a great view of the valley. Winco is about 1/2 mi away and the Jordan River Temple is just 7 minutes away. We know, because we went and did an endowment session before we went to see the apt. I'm stoked! We wouldn't physically move in until June 1st but would have to go down to do the paperwork in April. I'll be packing and downsizing aggressively from now on. Karlene decided she doesn't want to go to Seattle with Walkers (the TVYA and Premier Singers tour this year) and doesn't want to be in The Music Man. She wants to just earn the money to pay for the pet deposit for Alex. Michael is now waiting on paperwork to get to the bishop for his dental checkup and a statement from the cardiologist so we're getting down the last loose ends. Faline is singing again. She sang in Apprentice then didn't sing in Advanced. After Advanced Linda came up and asked why Faline hadn't tried Advanced and I wasn't sure. She was more focused and paying attention. So I took the music for Advanced and will practice it with her so she can learn her songs. I'm singing in Una Voce again, too. Dad has been applying to several other companies, too. Pride said that they would let him know something this week. Swift seems interested, too. Here a a few pictures of the apt. By the way, if you don't get an email from Karlene, it's because she stayed up at Grandma's. They will be coming down in the valley tomorrow and Karlene didn't have school so we left her up there.
DadI guess Mom told you al the news that there is to tell. She told me that you were asking about schools. I would advise you to put those concerns on a shelf for now and throw yourself into the work you are doing now. That is the most important thing you can do for now. Love your companion and love the people with whom you serve. Everything else can wait. If you do this the Lord can bless you for it now and later in ways you haven't even considered yet. There is a good chance we will be in Utah when you get back from your mission. have fun and work hard.
MichaelSo how did you find out about this mum thing. It might be a while before I get my call so I'll still have to find out if there is a better job weighting for the grabbing. I am pleased to say I really can't weight to get my call. It's funny how twice as a family we tried going swimming up in Crouch and do to unfortinat sercomstanses we don't get there because the roads are icey or we left our key at home. however through this misforchin we find ourselfs at grandma's house.
Karlenei am writing a suspence romance story. i think that going to collage is a great idea. hope you get the transfer. i am doing well and i got to stay the night at gma's and got to to her ward. hope you are having fun.
FalineI wish you were here right now because I miss having you to help me on some of your games. Karlene's being a brat a lot so, you know, like the usual stuff. I get to sing in both Apprentice and Advanced, I think. School is okay.

From the entry, a good-sized kitchen and living room

More of the kitchen with pantry just to left of fridge

Laundry Room. Most units come with a washer and dryer but the one we want doesn't so they knock off $30 from the rent.

Linen closet on left, small bedroom then hall and bigger bedroom

Children's bathroom

Bigger bedroom, across from bathroom

Smaller bedroom. Both bedrooms have a pretty large closet and plenty of hanging space.

Master walk-in closet and bathroom

Master bedroom, linen closet then more walk-in closet view

Master bath

Master bedroom

Master Bedroom


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