Monday, January 28, 2013

January 27, 2013

Mom: Wow! We have been soooo blessed this last week! Dad had been talking to a couple of trucking companies but hadn't had anyone say they'd take him. We put in an application to CR England really late Tuesday night, after we got back from choir. By 7:45am Wednesday morning he got a call from the recruiter and, after sending her a copy of the police report we got from Nampa for $1 she called around 3:30pm to tell him they were arranging a bus ticket for him to start training Monday morning. This morning I said goodbye to Dad for probably 7-8 weeks. On Friday, I reposted the ad on Craigslist for the rest of the goats and the van. Within an hour I got a call from someone wanting the black goat. They came over and we negotiated all three goats for $225. So NO MORE LIVESTOCK!!  Also on Friday, Zach called us Thursday from Florentine Villas to let us know that the apt we wanted that comes open in April is probably the only one they will have so we need to get our application and fees in right away. I finished the app as much as I could and faxed it in Friday. I also needed to send DLs and SSN cards and, of course, pay the application fee and holding fee: $145. I was pleased to find out that they could do a debit card for that rather than having to send a money order or cashier's check. So now we have our apt reserved! Steve Hutchings called to set up a tax appt for his girlfriend and found out that we were going to move and asked about buying the house. Just after that I got a text from the people who bought the goats asking about the house, too. Sounds like, if I can swing it, we could have a buyer for the house!! (Sweeet!) With Dad working again I may get to catch up on things I need to do, like my Book of Mormon reading and packing - especially your room. I won't get interrupted for school either so Faline can keep up. So much is falling into place! Tabernacle Choir applications start July 1st and I'm planning on moving June 1st, perfect timing. When we do what's right we are blessed. Last night we got a call telling us that a water main had broken so there wouldn't be any services in Marsing on Sunday. That worked very well since there wasn't a place at the bus stop to get out of the weather/cold and since Dee Dee's new ward doesn't start until 11am. The fog delayed the bus so it was 15 mins late. The bus driver was in a hurry to get going so I only had time to give Dad a quick hug and kiss and then he boarded the bus. He said that he would call me every day - probably in the evening. He should be just about to where he's going to stay in Salt Lake so I expect to hear from him soon. Dee Dee's ward is pretty nice. Marissa (used to be Collins from Marsing 2nd Ward) and her husband and little girl, as well as one on the way, are in her ward. Brother Higgins from Nampa 1st ward is their high councilman. Lisa, related to Walkers and in Una Voce, is also in her ward which is Nampa 3rd. They were very friendly and attentive to Dee Dee and us. Resa is coming Friday or Saturday by way of plane to stay with Dee Dee. We gave her our bed so Dee Dee got some leopard print sheets to go on it so that Resa won't miss her dogs too much.
DadWee, we sold the rest of the goats last night and moved Dee Dee out yesterday. Her new apartment is real nice. I guess Resa will be moving in with her. Tomorrow I'll be going to Salt Lake for a couple weeks. I'll be learning a bunch about England Transportation. Other than that not much has been happening here. When we moved Dee Dee to the new place we have her our bed so Resa would have a place to sleep so your mom and I slept on the floor on the two mattresses that were in your room. It was hard to get up in the morning. I mean it was a long way up! By the way, yesterday your mother put money down to secure our apt in Salt Lake. They say I can't take the Traeger there but Traeger has a new model that's portable. I might get that one to put on the truck with me. The other day we had pork ribs with a recipe of your great-grandmothers that your mother made of barbeque sauce. Faline didn't know what to do with them -- she didn't want to touch them. The sauce made it taste really good! I asked your mom to bottle it for me to take on my truck.
MichaelWe finally got DeeDee into a nice apartment with some sweet extras in that came with it. I truely have no clue when I might get my call, and I can't wieght to be a billionare. I also can't wieght to get my call. I'll tell you when and wear.
KarleneYep he is. Brother Mortinson is my seminary teacher. highschool is great. thank's for the pictures they are great.
FalineDee Dee moved into her new home. Dad just got his job. We got to eat pizza. I got back in choir and I'm doing 1/2 advanced and 1/2 apprentice. We're going to be moving out in June to Utah. I'm a little nervous because I've never moved before.
More from MomDad just called from Salt Lake and said that it's snowing pretty hard there. He was almost an hour late getting into town and said that there were about a dozen other guys going to England, too. Everything is running late because of the storm. He thinks he's going to England first and then they will be sent to where they will stay. Sounds like it will be a long night and I think the start time tomorrow was shown as 6am. Not much sleep time! Here are a couple of pictures. Karlene with the "kitten." He weighs about 10 lbs and is still growing at 7 mos. The other picture is a picture is a shot of Black Canyon Reservoir, on the way to Grandma's to get Dad a nice father's blessing from Al. It was really foggy! Dad got to his hotel ok and doesn't start until 7am.

A view of Black Canyon Reservoir covered with ice and snow in the fog

15-yr-old Karlene with 7-mo-old Alex

Lovely red sunrise out our back door

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