Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 13, 2013

Mom: Dee Dee moves into her apt on the 25th so it will be quiet around here after that. Karlene is in the chorus for Music Man, at school. Faline and I will be rejoining Walkers, singing on Tuesdays. We got Alex his shots and scheduled his appt for getting fixed and de-clawed!!! He really needs to have those front claws removed. He attacked my leg this morning and tore a hole in my panty hose. Grrrr. Dad is supposed to go in for a drug test tomorrow so I guess he's closer to having the position with CX Northwest and working with Adam Walker. Michael got two wisdom teeth pulled Wednesday and had his interview with the bishop today. I saw a video on Singapore that talked about a shopping district that started with 'B' and ended with 'is' that looked like somewhere you might find souvenirs in to send home. This winter is one of the most normal winters we've had in a long time! We've had snow and enough cold to keep the ground white. There was even a snow day last Thursday so Karlene got to stay home. We sold all the girl goats to the neighbors that we invited to the temple open house. They are nice people. The hay is almost gone so we need to find the males new owners by the time it is gone.Elder Andrew Bingham, previously from Homedale 1st ward, gave his mission report today and Dee Dee gave her farewell talk. President Cannon, Idaho Boise Mission President, bore his testimony. It was a good meeting! President Cannon used to be head of Beneficial Life so we've met him before and have enjoyed him when he spoke, in and out of church. Elder Bingham said that he was having trouble with companions, among other problems. When he decided to quit thinking about himself and put his whole focus into becoming the Doctrine of Christ and helping others that he didn't have those 'problems' anymore. 
Dad: Well, before long there will be three missionaries in the family. They haven't set me apart yet but I have been asked to be a ward missionary. I think it will be fun. 
MichaelTo be contradicting, it's not a a ketch phrase it's a closing statement. I am pleased to say that I got my teeth pulled and a digital camera. Now I'm in the final stages of getting my papers in and I'll have to think about sending you photos. 
Karlenethank you for  the advice, it really came in handy. i got my first out of house babysitting job and got 7 dollars an hour for 2 kids. i was there for four hours. i watched mulan 2 with them because they had borrowed from their neighbor. the parents went to the temple and i got permission to make cookies. i was about to put the  recipe together when i saw that they had no brown sugar. 
FalineAlex got shot Friday but he didn't die. He got his kitten shots and rabies shot, getting ready to be an inside cat. Soon he's going to get de-clawed and fixed. On Tuesday I get to sing again.

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