Monday, January 7, 2013

December 30, 2012

Christmas tree before we opened everything

Hazy, snowy field across the street

We had a nice Christmas. It was sweet getting to talk to you! That's more than I've gotten out of you your entire mission! We got snow on Christmas. It started snowing just before dark, when Cumorah and Ryan were over here for dinner. I'm looking for an apartment to move to in a few months. There's a nice complex over by the Birch building that offers a pool, hot tub, indoor basketball court, fitness center (who needs the Y?), close to the Idaho Center, freeway, shopping, etc. It also offers units with garages as well as covered parking like Cumorah has. 

Everyone with their Christmas quilts

Dad's haul

Cumorah and Ryan

Cumorah's haul

Faline's haul

Mom's haul

Karlene's haul

Michael's haul

Ryan's haul

Sweet picture Christmas eve with Grandma, Karlene and Faline

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