Monday, January 7, 2013

December 31, 3012

Yeah, the quilts got finished.  I kind of left them incomplete. Today I'm going to the aquarium, the closest I will get to being in the water on my mission, and Sentosa (aka Pleasure Island).  Wow, it looks like you got a lot of cool stuff.  Here are some lego pictures for you.  The Lego exibit turned out to be not for all ages but I can still send some pictures from it.  Hope your new years is a good one.  I'll try to get a letter composed and mailed out as soon as posible.  Oh, I found the statue of Liberty here. It rained on Christmas and it might rain today and tomorrow also. Till next time...

Miniature Statue of Liberty

Lego Block-head

Alfred Hitchcock portrait made out of Legos

Lego Climber

Lego pencil

Lego skull

Lego t-rex

Summer and the Lego Thinker

Lego singing note

Penguins at the zoo


Spotted cats (not sure which kind)

White tiger


Summer's been had!

Summer says this is as close as she's going to get to driving on her mission.

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